Wheaton™ Szintillationsröhrchen aus Glas, 20 ml: Polypropylen-Kappen

Maintain integrity of seal with variety of cap liners. Wheaton Science Products™ Glass 20mL Scintillation Vials: Polypropylene Caps are Chemically inert, suitable for strong solvents and high-purity chemicals. X500 SZINTILLATIONSFLASCHE 20ML20ML

Wheaton™ Staining Dishes, 8-16 Slide Unit

Can be used for staining or as a TLC developing chamber. Wheaton™ Staining Dishes, 8-16 Slide Unit are manufactured from soda lime glass. Färbetrog nach Hellendahl, mit Deckel, für 8Objektträger, Soda-Kalk-Glas, VE=6

Wheaton™ Valumetric™ Flaschen mit Graduierung With White PP Cap With Polyvinyl Liner

For storage and samples of solids, dry powdered materials and liquids Weithalsflasche 250ml, Soda-Kalk-Glas klar grad.,weißer SV, PP, mit PVC-Einl. VE=24

Wheaton™ Aluminiumverschlüsse: PTFE-Lined on One Side, Rubber Septa

X1000 Alu-Bördelkappe für 13mm Vials, silber, m. Mittelloch-Abriss, ohne Sept. 0

Wheaton™ Polypropylen-Kappe

100-440 Cap, Heavy Duty PP WHT, Hole

Wheaton™ Trypsinizing Flasks with Side Arm

355753 Wheaton Trypsinizing Flasche 75ml

Vorgeritzte durchsichtige Gold-Band™ Ampullen

Prescored to eliminate need for filing Ampulle, Klarglas, 5ml, VE=144 St.

Wheaton™ Potter-Elvehjem Gewebeschleifer

Choose grinders with or without plastic safety coating X2 2ml Tissue Grinder, Potter-ELV, POTTER-ELV

Wheaton™ Crimper

With ergonomically designed handles for sealing standard laboratory vials CRIMPER FOR 8MM ALUMINM SEALS

Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Straight Plug Stoppers

Provides for extremely high chemical purity and low gas permeability. Wheaton™ Ultra Pure Straight Plug Stoppers are manufactured from an ultra pure bromobutyl formulation. X1000 STOPFEN PREMIUM BROMOBU 13MM

Wheaton™ Weiße Polypropylen-Schraubkappen mit ummantelter PTFE-beschichteter Silikoneinlage für E-Z Ex-Traction™ Fläschchen

PTFE faced silicone liner ideal for storage and containment of volatile solvents, sensitive compounds or corrosive chemicals PP-Schraubverschuss, Gewinde 15-425, weiss, mitSilikondichtung (VE=1000Stck.)

Wheaton™ Accessories and Replacement Parts for 20-Slide Glass Staining Dish

Featuring an open bottom to facilitate rapid immersion and drainage, reducing carryover. Wheaton™ Accessories and Replacement Parts for 20-Slide Glass Staining Dish are manufactured from soda-lime glass. Edelstahl-Einsatz für 10 Objektträger zumFärbetrog aus Soda-Kalk-Glas, VE=3 Stück

Wheaton™ V Vial™ with Open-Top Screw Cap: Klar

Conical interior bottoms are designed to provide total downward drainage and maximum retrieval of contents by syringe 5.0 ML V-VIAL, 20-400 O/T CAP, TFE LNR VE=12 Stück

Wheaton™ Serumfläschchen

Available as clear and amber vials X120 Serum-Vial 20 ml, Borosilikatglas, klar für 20mm Verschluß, 30,5 x 58mm

Wheaton™ Probenfläschchen aus Klarglas in Lab File mit aufgesetzten Verschlusskappen

Attached caps help maintain cleanliness. Wheaton™ Clear Glass Sample Vials in Lab File With Caps Attached come in partitioned trays to provide an easy way to store empty vials or to inventory samples. 225288 PROBENFLASCHEN (VE=72Stck.)

Wheaton™ Szintillationsröhrchen aus Glas, 20 ml: Urea-Kappen

Maintains integrity of seal with variety of cap liners. Wheaton Science Products™ Glass 20mL Scintillation Vials and Urea Caps are suitable for strong solvents and high-purity chemicals. SZINTILLATIONSFLASCHE 20ML20ML

Wheaton™ Black Phenolic Screw Caps With PE Poly-Seal Liner

Unique cone liner design offers superior torque retention and excellent sealing characteristics X144 PHENOLKAPPE 13-425 /LDPE

Wheaton™ Wheaton Scientific Products™ E-Z Ex-Traction™ Fläschchen

Precision manufactured from low extractable borosilicate glass. Wheaton Science Products™ E-Z Ex-Traction™ Vials conform to ASTM Type I, Class A and USP Type I requirements. X500 E-Z EX-Traction Ampullen, 10ml, mit Gewinde 22-400,ohne Verschluss

Wheaton™ Amber Boston Rounds with PTFE Faced PE-lined Caps

Amber Type III soda-lime glass protects light-sensitive solutions X24 Enghalsflasche 125ml, Soda-Kalk-Glas braun weißer SV, PP, PE/PTFE-Einlage

Wheaton™ White Polypropylene Caps with PTFE-Faced Foamed Polyethylene Liners

Excellent for environmental samples, pharmaceuticals and diagnostic reagents X72 KAPPE 53-400 PP/TEFLON

Wheaton™ Vakuumfilter

Makes it easier to connect standard 47 and 90mm filtration assemblies with stopper connections to a standard laboratory bottle with a GL45 thread. Wheaton™ Filtration Adapter Assembly replaces the stopper to make the connection to the bottle. FILTERTRICHTER 90MM/GLASS 1L

Wheaton™ LDPE-Tropfflaschen

X1000 Tropfflasche, 3ml, LDPE, natur

Wheaton™ Extended Controlled 20mm LDPE Dropper Tips

LDPE-Tropfspitze, 20mm, blau (VE=100Stck.)

Wheaton™ Cryule™ Internally Threaded Cryogenic Vials

Internal threads offer greater stability AMPULLE 1,2ML NIEDERE T°C(VE=144Stck.)

Wheaton™ Leak-Resistant Wide-Mouth Natural PP Bottles

With double-seal closure with cap attached Weithalsflasche 60 ml, PP, natur, mitSchraubverschluß, auslaufsicher VE=72 St.

Wheaton™ HDPE Scintillation Vial


Wheaton™ Borosilicate Glass Spinner Flask

Celstir Spinnerflasche, 6000 ml, 2 seitl. Abgängemit SV, Magnet-Rühreinsatz