The Laboratory Reagents Handbook reflects the choice of Fisher Chemical solvents and reagents available from Fisher Scientific

Reference handbook for the analytical chemist on the bench and includes:

  • Over 4400 Fisher Chemical products dedicated to many analytical application including more than 250 new products as Optima LC/MS solvents and high purity acids for Trace Elemental analysis
    • Color coded application
    • Physical & Chemical data
    • Hazard, packaging and storage information
    • Specification
  • The full Fisher BioReagents product range. Find out more here »
  • Two classifications – to simplify your searches
  • Classification by applications
  • Alphabetical classification and quality  in decreasing order


Optima LC/MS Interview

Cara Cesario, Product Manager for Optima LC/MS Solvents, discusses how Optima solvents and blended solvents save researchers time and money, allowing them to focus on the research. Additionally, Cara reviews Specialized Chemical Services, allowing customers to order a custom blended chemical or solvent.


Find the perfect solvent match! Your highly-calibrated scanning machinery deserves high-purity, high-intensity solvents to limit metal content and background peaks. Stop looking for solvents in all the wrong places, and find perfect chemistry with Fisher Chemical Optima.