Gilson™ Zubehör für PIPETMAN™ Komplett-Pipettiersystem – Single™ Pipettenhalter

Adhesive-backed hanger is designed for use where space is limited (fume hoods, sterile hoods, etc.) Wandhalter für alle Gilson Pipetten, selbstkleben oder anschraubbar

Gilson™ Zubehör für PIPETMAN™ Komplett-Pipettiersystem – Carrousel™ Pipettenständer

Convenient rotating stand holds upto seven single and multichannel Gilson pipets Gilson Pipettenständer PS 7 Karussel für 7 GilsonPipetten

Gilson™ MICROMAN™ Direktverdrängungspipetten

Ensures accuracy and precision when pipetting problem liquids, and offers full protection against cross contamination. Gilson™ MICROMAN™ Positive-Displacement Pipets are 3 to 4 times better than an air displacement pipet when pipetting viscous or volatile liquids. MICROMAN M25, 3 tot 25µl (F148002)

Gilson™ MICROMAN Kolben mit Kapillaren

Speziell für Gilson™ MICROMAN™ E Pipetten hergestellt. Gilson™ MICROMAN™ E Kapillarkolben liefern reproduzierbare, zuverlässige Ergebnisse auch bei sehr viskösen oder flüchtigen Flüssigkeiten. Sie sind in zahlreichen Volumina und Formen und sterilisiert oder unsteril lieferbar, sodass auch Ihre Ansprüche perfekt erfüllt werden. CP100ST, steril(VE=960 PCE)

Gilson™ MICROMAN™ E Direktverdrängungspipetten

Ergonomic design pipettes for problem liquids microman M50E 20-50µl

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ TOWERPACK™ Nachfüllsystem

Differentiates tip models with color-coded racks and indicates the compatible Gilson pipet models. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ TOWERPACK™ Refill System is available in autoclavable and sterilized versions. Gilson Pipetten Spitzen Tower Pack D200ST,steril(VE=960Stck.)

Gilson™ Pipetman™ Starter Kit

Contains three pipets conveniently packaged with many useful accessories. Gilson™ Pipetman™ Starter Kit is an economical solution to pipetting small volumes of aqueous fluids of moderate viscosity. Pipetman Starter Kit, P20, P200, P1000, mitWandhalter und Tips D200 und D1000

Gilson™ Zubehör für PIPETMAN™ Komplett-Pipettiersystem – Trio™ Pipettenständer

Portable pipet stand holds three pipets Pipettenständer für 3 Gilson PipettenPIPETTEN

Gilson™ PIPETMAM™ L Starter Kit

Increases productivity, security and comfort. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L starter kit contains three pipettes, conveniently packaged with PIPETMAN DIAMOND Tips and useful accessories. pipetman L Starter kit (P20L, P200L & P1000L withaccessories)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ Tipack™ Filterspitzen

Designed to meet the most stringent demands in various fields and applications such as PCR, molecular biology and cell technology. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ Tipack™ Filter Tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They play a critical role in preventing aerosol-borne contamination. DIAMOND TIP DF1200 TIPACKTIPACK

Gilson™ DistriTips™ Spritzen

Das Gilson™’s Pipettiersystem garantiert Genauigkeit und Präzision. Gilson™ DistriTips™ Spritzen haben einen Aliquot-Volumenbereich von 1 µl bis 1.25 ml

Gilson™ PIPETMAN G Starter-Kits

Bietet höheren Pipettierkomfort ohne Zugeständnisse bei der Genauigkeit und der Präzision. Das Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ G Starterkit ist eine wirtschaftliche Lösung für tägliche Pipettieraufgaben und damit verbundener Gefährdung durch Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). Starter Kit Pipetman G P20G, P200G & P1000GD200 & D1000, TIPacks

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Classic™ Pipetten

Includes “dry seal” technology for air-tightness. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Classic™ Pipets are individually calibrated and delivered with a performance check report. Pipetman P10 ml, 1-10ml

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo Pipetten

Fits most brands of tips. Gilson PIPETMAN™ Neo Pipets are the next generation of the PIPETMAN Classic™ with lower spring and ejection forces.  Kolbenhubpipette Pipetman Neo P20N, Gilson 2,0 -20 µl

Pipetman Neo™ pipet

Manufactured by Gilson™. Gilson™ Pipetman Neo™ pipet is individually calibrated and delivered with a certificate of conformity. Kolbenhubpipette Pipetman Neo P10N, Gilson 1,0 -10 µl



Gilson™ Proben-MicroVials

X1000 Sample Microvails 7x41 mm, 0,8 ml

Gilson™ Karussell Pipettenständer,FüR 5 PIPETMAN M mit Netzteil (VE=1)

Comfortable charging solution for up to 5 PIPETMAN M™ pipette. Gilson™ PIPETMAN M™ Pipette Accessory, Power Carrousel provides optimum protection from shocks and contamination and guarantees continuous work. Karussell Pipettenständer,FÜR 5 PIPETMAN Mmit Netzteil (VE=1)

Gilson™ Peristaltik Schlauch, Silikon, ID=0.6 mm, orange/weiss (VE=4Stck.)

Peristaltik Schlauch, Silikon, ID=0.6 mm,orange/weiss (VE=4Stck.)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ Tipack™ Pipettenspitzen im Rack

Engineered to be functional, convenient and robust. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ Tipack™ Racked Pipet Tips are available in sterilized or autoclavable packages. X960 Diamond Pipetten Spitzen, D200ST, steril

Gilson™ Zubehör für PIPETMAN™ Komplett-Pipettiersystem – Reagenzbehälter

Ideal for dispensing reagents with multichannel pipettes. Gilson™ Accessory for PIPETMAN™ Complete Pipetting System- Reagent Reservoirs' unique shape allows for efficient and nearly complete sample withdrawal. REAGENT RESERVOIR 50ML

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo Mehrkanalpipetten

Offers an excellent compromise between comfort and target precision. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo™ Multichannel Pipets are designed to apply equal pressure on each piston to ensure consistent volume levels across all channels. Pipetman Neo Multichannel F14404 Modell: 12x20012X200µL

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Micro-volume Kit

Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ L Micro-volume Kit is designed for molecular biology applications. pipetman L micro volume Starter kit (P2L, P10L & P100L with accessories)

Gilson™ Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ G Mikrovolumen-Starterkit

Optimiert die Pipettierschritte bei einem Versuchsprotokoll im Labor und bietet Genauigkeit und Präzision. Das Gilson™ PIPETMAN G™ Mikrovolumen-Starterkit ist bestimmt für Laborpersonal in diagnostischen und biotechnischen Laboren, das durch Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) gefährdet ist. PIPETMAN G MIKRO-VOLUMEN KITEnthält 3 Pipetman G mit Spitzenabwerfer aus

Gilson Pipetman L 4-pipettes kit (P2, P20, P200, P1000 and accessories)

15654077 Pipetman L 4-pipettes kit (P2, P20, P200, P1000 and accessories) Pipetman L 4-pipettes kit (P2, P20, P200, P1000 and accessories)

Gilson™ Wartungs-Kit für Pipetman™

Manufactured by Gilson™. Gilson™ Maintenance Kit for Pipetman™ are guaranteed to deliver value and assure reliability and precision. Wartungskit,1 Schaft, 3-O-Ringe, 3PTFE-dichtungen, für Pipetman P200

Gilson™ Non-sterile Diamond™ Tipack™ Pipet Tips

Autoclavable with moist heat/121°C/20 minutes/1 bar. Gilson™ Non-sterile Diamond™ Tipack™ Pipet Tips are convenient and easy to use. Diamond Pipetten Spitzen D10mL, Tipack,(VE=8x30Stck.)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo™ Starter-Kits

Contains three PIPETMAN Neo™ pipets plus boxes of certified-quality PIPETMAN Tips and other useful accessories. Gilson™ PIPETMAN Neo™ Starter Kit is dedicated to laboratories which are about to renew their old set of pipets especially those performing protocols requiring intensive pipetting. Pipetman Neo PCR Kit, P10N, P100N, P1000N mitFiltertips und Pipettenständer

Gilson™ F144983 Microtubes öffner The Jimmy für Pipetman P & Neo (VE=3 St.)

For use with PIPETMAN Classic™ and PIPETMAN™ Neo pipets F144983 Microtubes Öffner The Jimmy für PipetmanP & Neo (VE=3 St.)

Gilson™ PIPETMAN Starter-Kits

Contains boxes of certified-quality PIPETMAN™ Tips and useful accessories. Gilson™ PIPETMAN™ Starter Kit includes single pipet holders, COLORIS™ Identification Clips (mixed colors), and a Gilson Guide to Pipetting (except Large-volume Kit) Pipetman Large Volume Kit, P5000, P10mlVOLUME


From the legendary PIPETMAN products to a full range of system solutions, Gilson is the element of purification for your laboratory.

The key area of focus for Gilson’s partnership with Fisher Scientific is their manual liquid handling portfolio consisting of:

  • Single Channel manual pipettes (G, L, Classic and Neo)
  • This range come with a Gilson Lifetime Warranty (GLW) which is unique to Gilson
  • Multichannel manual pipettes (Neo Multi)
  • Single channel motorised (M)
  • Multichannel Motorised pipette (M Multi)
  • Positive Displacement pipettes for Viscous and volatile samples - Microman
  • Pipette Tips

Gilson has worldwide sales and service supporting the pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental, clinical, food & beverage and forensic markets. Their primary focus is on purifying samples via preparative HPLC, automated SPE or through GPC clean-up. Gilson focuses on early drug discovery and development with their preparative HPLC systems. Gilson's automated SPE systems and GPC clean-up systems support environmental, food & beverage, clinical and forensic markets performing a wide variety of clean-up applications.