Sterilin™ Autoklavierbeutel

DISPOSABLE PÅSAR 305 X 660MM FP=200Beschriftung, Einwegbeutel (VE=200)

Fisherbrand™ High Temperature Autoclavable Bags

Manufactured from polypropylene. Fisherbrand™ High Temperature Autoclave Bags can withstand temperatures up to 134°C X500 BEUTEL PP AUTOKLAV 21L 400X7 400X78

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylen-Autoklavierbeutel, durchsichtig

Stark, biegsam, klein und stichfest. Fisherbrand™ durchsichtige Autoklavierbeutel aus Polypropylen widerstehen hohen Autoklaviertemperaturen. X100 Bag autoclave, printed biohazard 40um thickn.

Sterilin™ Autoklavierbeutel-Zubehör

coated wire holder for bags serie 509 and 510

Sterilin™ Probenbeutel mit Beschriftungsfeld

Autoklavierbeutel 121°C,406x610mmblaue BiohazardBeschriftung, Einwegbeutel (VE=200)

Fisherbrand™ Orangefarbene autoklavierbare Beutel ohne Sterilisationsindikator

Fisherbrand® Abfallbeutel 610X300 mm, PE,autoklavierbar, Biohazard-Symbol, VE=100

Sterilin™ Autoclave Bags Cardboard Holder

X10 SUPPORT CARTON SACS 99134/3599134/35

Gosselin™ Autoclave Bags Printed with Biohazard Logo

Used for contaminated waste disposal in autoclave. Gosselin™ Autoclave Bags Printed with Biohazard Logo can withstand autoclaving temperatures up to 134°C/273.2°F. X100 Autoclavable bag 33L PP 40µm natural, H780 width 600 printed black, Biohazrd logo

Gosselin™ autoklavierbare Mischbeutel

For autoclaving contaminated products safely X500 ENTSORGUNGSBEUTEL 21L 400X78 .

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Clavies™ Autoklavierbeutel für Hochtemperaturanwendungen

Withstand high temperatures to reduce autoclave time X100 BAGS AUTOCLAVABLE TRANSPARENT 20X38CM


Strong twist tie bag closures easier to use than string or rubber bands VERSCHLUSSDRAHT ROLLEN JE 450M450M

Whatman™ MicroPlus MBS I Membrane Filtration Accessory: Autoclaving Bags

Accessories for microbiological control filtration system BEUTEL AUTOKLAVIERBAR FUER TRTRI

Bel Art™ Scienceware™ Abfallbeutel 20 x 25 cm VE 100 St. autoklavierbar

Abfallbeutel 20 x 25 cm VE 100 St. autoklavierbar

Synergy Healthcare™ SteriBags™ Heat Seal Closure Pouches

Manufactured from high quality wet strength MG bleached kraft paper. Synergy Healthcare™ SteriBags™ Heat Seal Closure Pouches are double-folded for added integrity. X250 Heat Seal Bag 380 X 125 X 610 (Bh06129)

Megro™ Sterilisationsbeutel

MEG 302027 Sterilisationsbeutel ohne Falte,200x270mm, VE=100

Greiner Bio One™ Einwegbeutel aus Polypropylen

Manufactured from polypropylene for strength and high thermal resistance. Greiner Bio-One™ Polypropylene Disposable Bags are ideal for the hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items. X500 Spezial Vernichtungsbeutel, 400x780mm

Greiner Bio-One Disposal Bags

For hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items. Greiner Bio-One Disposal Bags are available in polypropylene and polyamide. PA-Vernichtungsbeutel, 300 x 500 mm (VE=500Stck.)

Greiner Bio One™ Polypropylen-Entsorgungsbeutel, durchsichtig

Made of polypropylene foil for sterilization in the steam autoclave. Greiner Bio-One™ is ideal for the hygienic disposal of contaminated laboratory items. Spezial Vernichtungsbeutel, 600 x 780 mm

Hartmann Larochette™ Sterilsop® Hüllen


Hartmann Larochette™ Sterilsop™ SX Hüllen


Steris Corporation™ Plain Top Closure Pouches

For use in porous load pre-vacuum autoclaves as well as gamma sterilizers. Steris Coprporation™ Plain Top Closure Pouches include a double folded bottom seal for extra integrity. X250 PL Top Bag 300 X 75 X 530Mm (Bp06108)

Hartmann Larochette™ Sterilsop® SL Hüllen


Megro™ 320400 Steri-Peel-Pack Rollenware 400x200

320400 Steri-Peel-Pack Rollenware 400x200

Hartmann Larochette™ Sterilsop® SX Hüllen


Hartmann Larochette™ Sterilisationsbeutel


Healthcare Beutel

X200 Sterilisation pouch Clentex in accordancewith EN 868-1 and 5paper/plastic 750mm x 1200mm

Hartmann Larochette™ Autoclave Sleeve


Fisherbrand™ Autoclavable Blender Bags

For autoclaving contaminated products safely X400 Autoklavierbare Beutel, HDPE, 780x400mm,