Spezialtrichter [Glas]

Brand™ Sedimentiergefäße nach Imhoff

Die Konstruktion aus Styrol-Acrylonitril entspricht der Norm DIN 12672. BRAND™ Sedimentiergefäße nach Imhoff halten Temperaturen bis 85 °C stand. Der Schraubverschluss an der Spitze ermöglicht das Entleeren. Graduierung auf 100 ml mit Ringmarkierung bei 1000 ml.
PP-Sedimentiergefäß nach Imhoff, 1000 ml,graduiert, SAN, mit Schraubkappe

Bochem™ Trichter 18/8 Stahl, D=250 mm PULVER

Specially designed to allow for the flow of powdered materials. Bochem™ Stainless Steel Powder Funnel is highly durable and resistant. Trichter 18/8 Stahl, D=250 mmPULVER

Scat™ Sicherheitstrichter aus HDPE mit Klappdeckel

Sicherheitstrichter mit Deckel, weiß, S65,PE-HD,mit Abtropfkante Schmutzsieb

S.C.A.T.™ PE-HD-Sicherheitstrichter mit Kugelventilen

Use S.C.A.T.™ HDPE Safety Funnel Balls as a critical component of the plastic safety funnel used to facilitate the collection and disposal of hazardous waste liquids. Sicherheitskugeltrichter, schwarz, S65, PE-HD,leitfähig mit Erdungskabel und Sieb

Fisherbrand™ 25 x Eco-smartFunnel Card Funnels Disposable

Fits a wide variety of openings and can be used with virtually any liquid* or powder. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Paper Mini Funnels biodegrade naturally in the standard waste stream for a more environmentally friendly product. 25 x Eco-smartFunnel Card Funnels Disposable

Brand™ Silberbrand™ Sedimentiergefäße nach Imhoff

Manufactured from borosilicate glass and complies with DIN 12672 standards. BRAND™ Silberbrand™ Imhoff Sedimentation Cones are available with or without stopcock, graduated to 100mL or 1000mL, and include a ring mark at 1000mL. *1000mL graduated version does not include ring mark. X4 Sedimentiergefäß nach Imhoff, 1000ml, ohneHahn, graduiert,0-1000ml Marke

Pyrex™ Trichter mit Druckausgleich, mit Graduierung und Küken aus PTFE

For use when liquids have to be added to systems under vacuum. Pressure equalising funnel Pyrex cylindrical,

Drying Tube for ML1 Microscale kit

Designed for organic chemistry experiments. MICROSCALE DRYING TUBE SCREWTHREAD WITH GROUND 14/10 CONE

Scat™ Sicherheitstrichter aus HDPE mit Kugelventil

Sicherheitskugeltrichter, weiß, S60, PE-HD, mitherausnehmbarem Sieb (PE-HD)

S.C.A.T.™ Splash Guard


Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover

Increase workplace safety and improve cleaniliness with the proper safety and storage equipment. The Justrite™ Large Steel Drum Funnel With Self-Closing Cover helps to prevent spills when transferring flammable solvents, thinners, oils, or paint wastes. This self-closing model meets NFPA1 and the International Fire Code. It shuts and locks automatically when a fusible link melts at 165°F (74°C) under fire conditions. Funnel drum assembly wide mouth, hinged stay open

S.C.A.T.™ Safety Funnel with Hinged Lid

Use the S.C.A.T.™ Safety Funnel with Hinged Lid for clean outflow without contaminating the container opening.The electrically conductive black funnels enable the lance to facilitate a safe additional grounding of the contents. Sicherheitstrichter mit Deckel, schwarz, S60,PE-HD, leitfähig, Abtropfkante

Witeg™ Separatory Funnel, Conical with Stopcock

Use this ungraduated funnel to separate mixed components of a liquid-liquid solution. Witeg™ Separatory Funnel, Conical with Stopcock is designed with resistant materials. Scheidetrichter, 1000ml, konisch, ungradu-iert,Boros., Hahnküken, Bohrung 6,3mm