Thermo Scientific™ Perfluoro Acid Anhydrides (TFAA, PFAA and HFAA) Acylation Reagents

Prepare volatile and stable fluoracyl derivatives for GC/MS with the Thermo Scientific™ Perfluoro Acid Anhydrides (TFAA, PFAA and HFAA). HFAA 10 X 1ML AMP

Thermo Scientific™ MBTFA Acylation Reagent

Trifluoroacylate primary and secondary amines, hydroxyl and thiol groups, and carbohydrates with the Thermo Scientific™ MBTFA Acylation Reagent. MBFTA 10ML

Thermo Scientific™ Pentafluoropropanol Acylation Reagent

Improve detection with the Thermo Scientific™ Pentafluoropropanol Acylation Reagent for derivatization. PENTAFLUOROPROPANOL 10ML

Thermo Scientific™ Perfluoroacylimidazoles (TFAI and HFBI) Acylation Reagents

Conduct acylation of hydroxyl groups and primary and secondary amines with the Thermo Scientific™ Perfluoroacylimidazoles (TFAI and HFBI). TFAI 10ML

Macherey Nagel™ Acylating HFBA

Acylierungsmittel HFBA (VE=20x1 ml)

Macherey Nagel™ Acylation Kit

Acylation kit Contents: 2x1 ML MBTFA, 2x1 MLTFAA, 2x1 ML MBHFBA, 1/PK, MA: 701950

Macherey Nagel™ Acylating HFBA Pack

Acylierungsmittel HFBA Packungà 1x10 mL UN 3316 Chemie-Testsatz 9 II 0,

Macherey Nagel™ Acylating MBTFA Pack

Acylierungsmittel MBTFAPackung à 1x10 mL UN 3316 Chemie-Testsatz 9 II 0,