Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish and Cover, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ rechteckige Schalen

Für molekularbiologische Anwendungen sind die unbehandelten Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ rechteckigen Schalen mit Standardabmessungen nach ANSI™ für die Automatisierung optimiert. OmniTray,1-well, rechteckig,PS,unbehandelttransparent, steril, mit Deckel VE=10 St.

Fisherbrand™ Quadratische antistatische Wägeschiffchen aus Polystyrol

Weigh and pour samples with ease. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square Shaped Black Antistatic Weighing Boat folds easily and features a smooth surface and round corners for easy pouring. Choose the size and color that works best for your needs. Disposable and durable. X500 Weighboat Fisherbrand square, antistatic,

Fisherbrand™ Wägeschalen aus Aluminium

Aluminum dishes for weighing and dispensing Wägeschälchen 70mm hoch, AluminiumVE=1000 St.

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Pneumatic Trough

Special loop prevents liquid backflow. X6 GASVANNA PP 5L

Alfa Aesar™ Magnesium Oxide Crucibles

Magnesium oxide Crucible, Cylindrical, Flat Base,HtxOD (mm), 37x20, Vol (ml), 5 1piece

Fisherbrand™ Porzellan-Abdampfschalen


Alfa Aesar™ Glassy Carbon Evaporating Dish

Glassy carbon offers high purity, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and a structure impermeable to both gases and liquids. Glassy Carbon Evaporating Dish,Vol (ml), 20,Top Dia (mm), 47,Bottom Dia (mm), 26,Ht (mm), 22 1each

Fisherbrand™ Quadratische antistatische schwarze Standard-Wägeschiffchen aus Polystyrol

Designed for accurate pouring with minimal sample loss. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Diamond-Shaped Standard Weighing Boat features a smooth surface that flexes easily. Disposable boats have a stable, flat bottom and can be used in a variety of lab environments and applications. X500 Weighboat Fisherbrand diamond, polystyrene

Sterilin™ Sterile Polystyrol-Petrischale

Petrischale PS 55mm, 3 Nocken (VE=1620)55X14MM

Fisherbrand™ routenförmige Standard-Wägeschiffchen aus Polystyrol

Weigh and pour samples with ease. Fisherbrand™ Polystyrene Square-Shaped Standard Weighing Boat folds easily and features a smooth surface and round corners for easy pouring. Choose the size and color that works best for your needs. Disposable and durable. X500 Weighboat Fisherbrand square, polystyrene

Sterilin™ Petrischale mit Unterteilung


Cole Parmer™ Ablageschale aus 304 Edelstahl

Transport supplies, instruments and other items with these stainless steel trays. Cole-Parmer™ 304 Stainless Steel Utility Trays serve multiple purposes in the laboratory. TABLETT 18/10 490X320X20MM

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 4-Well-Schalen für die IVF

Führen Sie Anwendungen mit gleichbleibend zuverlässigen, hochwertigen Ergebnissen bei der Vitrifizierung durch. 4 Well Multischalen für in vitro Fertilisation,CC, Deckel, steril, VE=120

Alfa Aesar™ Aluminum Dish, Flat Bottom and Straight Sides


Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Zellkultur-/Petrischalen

Führen Sie eine Vielfalt an Anwendungen in einer Reihe von Größen und Ausführungen für experimentelle Anforderungen durch. Zellkulturschalen, D=40mm, steril VE=500 StückDimensions 35mm x 10mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ autoklavierbare Polypropylen-Wannen

Mit den strapazierfähigen autoklavierbaren Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylen-Wannen können Sie wiederholt Instrumente und Laborgeräte autoklavieren. Sterilisationswanne, 2,8 l PP

Fisherbrand™ Wägeschale aus Aluminium mit geriffelten Seiten

Designed for moisture determination balances. Fisherbrand™ Aluminum Weighing and Drying Dish is ideal for general purpose weighing, storage, processing or drying. Extra large, light-weight aluminum dishes measure 108mm diameter. Includes 50 disposable, stackable dishes per pack. X100 ALUMINIUM WEIGH BOAT FB 80ML80ML

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ unbehandelte Multischalen

Unbehandelte Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Multischalen sind für Suspensions-Zellkulturen vorgesehen. 4 Well Multischalen, unbehandelt, PS, Deckel,steril, VE=120 Stück

Fisherbrand™ FSC™ Mix Paper Weighboats

Available in small and medium sizes in both brown for light colored samples and white for dark samples. Fisherbrand™ FSC™ Mix Paper Weighboats are an environmentally friendly, easy to use alternative to regular weighing papers. X500 Weighboats, medium,Weiss

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ IVF ICSI-Schale

Clearly view samples with the super-polished optical center of the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ IVF ICSI Dish, which meets the exacting requirements of IVF testing. X120 IVF ICSI DISH CE-marked Class II for IVF, NON-TREATED

Corning™ Ultra-Low Attachment Dishes

Unique covalently bonded hydrogel surface is hydrophilic and neutrally charged Zellkulturschale, 100 mm Ø, Ultra LowAttachment Oberfläche, steril (VE=20Stck.)

Cole Parmer™ Canoe-shaped Weigh Dishes with Pour Spout, polystyrene

Pour weighed material without flexing dish. Canoe-shaped Polystyrene Weigh Dishes with Pour Spouts facilitate pouring and dispensing liquids or solids with ease. WAEGESCHIFFCHEN 133X90X20MM133X90X20MM

Fisherbrand™ Soda Watch glasses

Fisherbrand Uhrglasschalen aus Kalk-Soda-Glas,D=125 mm

Cole Parmer™ Wägepapier aus Pergamin

Ensure complete sample transfer with glassine weighing paper. Cole Parmer™ Glassine Weighing Paper are moisture-resistant and nonabsorbent with a smooth glassine surface. WAEGEPAPIER 76X76MM

Corning™ TC-behandelte Kulturschale

Tissue-culture (TC) treated for optimum attachment and growth of anchorage-dependent cells. Corning™ TC-Treated Culture Dishes provide an ideal solution for growing and maintaining cells in vitro. Zellkulturschalen, 100x20mm, 55 cm², 6erHalterung, VE=480 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ IVF-Petrischalen

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ IVF-Petrischalen sind zuverlässige Qualitätsschalen für die Durchführung von IVF-Verfahren. X150 Petrischalen IVF 90x17mm

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Nunclon™ Vita 6-Well Multidish

Grow temperamental cells directly on the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Nunclon™ Vita 6-Well Multidish without matrix coatings or feeder layers. X4 PLATTE 6 GRUBEN NUNCLON VITAVITA