Nitrocellulose Stripping Buffer, 10X

500ML Nitrocellulose stripping buffer (10X) 500ml

Alfa Aesar™ Stripping Buffer-3, 4X

500ML Stripping buffer-3 (4X)

Thermo Scientific™ Restore™ Western Blot Stripping-Puffer

Safely and effectively remove primary and secondary antibodies from nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes to allow chemiluminescent Western blots to be reprobed. Restore Western Stripping Reagent, 30 mL

Thermo Scientific™ Restore™ Fluorescent Western Blot Stripping Buffer

Quickly and gently remove primary and near-infrared (IR) dye-labeled secondary antibodies from Western blots. 100ml Restore Fluorescent Western BlotStripping Buffer

Thermo Scientific™ Restore™ Plus Western Blot Stripping-Puffer

Remove high-affinity antibodies from membranes so they can be reprobed and detected with chemiluminescent substrates. Restore Plus Western Blot Stripping Buffer500 mL

Stripping Buffer, 4X

500ML Stripping buffer (4X)

Stripping Buffer-2, 4X

250ML Stripping buffer-2 (4X)

EMD Millipore ReBlot Plus Kit und Reagenzien

Blots can be stripped of antibodies in approximately 15 minutes at room temperature 2502 ReBlot Plus Mild Antibody Stripping Solution, 50 mL