Handschuhe für kontrollierte Umgebungen

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 NXT™ Nitril-Handschuhe

Contains no natural rubber latex proteins. Kimtech Pure™ G3 NXT™ Nitrile Gloves are suggested for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments. X100 Handschuhe nitril nxt gr9

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 und G5 STERLING™ Nitril-Handschuhe

Combine the protection of nitrile with the sensitivity of latex X1500 NITRILHANDSCHUHE G3 GR.8,grau, 30 cm, Gr.L

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 sterile Sterling™ Nitril-Handschuhe

Improved packaging to deliver 50% more gloves per case than traditional gloves. Kimberly Clark™ Kimtech Pure™ G3 Sterile Sterling™ Nitrile Gloves are recommended for ISO Class 4 or higher cleanroom environments. X300 PAIRS Nitrilhandschuhe, G3, Gr. 6,5, steril,grau, 30 cm, (VE=10x30 Paar)

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 sterile Latex-Handschuhe

Approved for cleanroom use. Kimberly Clark™ Kimtech Pure™ G3 Sterile Latex Gloves features a tapered beaded cuff and textured nonslip grip. X200PR Handschuh Latex G3 Hand-SP. Steril 7

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G5 sterile Latex-Handschuhe

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms X50 Safeskin controlled, steril, latex-hand- schuhe, 12' lang, gr.6

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 Nitrilhandschuhe

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 3 or higher X100 Gloves, Cleanroom Kimberly Clark L

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 sterile Nitril-Handschuhe

Contains no natural rubber latex, silicone free. Kimtech Pure™ G3 Sterile Nitrile Gloves are manufacturer-suggested for ISO Class 4 or higher. X400 KIMTECH PURE G3 Steril,Gr10,30 cm,weißnitril ST

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G3 nicht sterile Latex-Handschuhe, beidseitig tragbar

Flexibility minimizes fatigue X100 Kimtech pure g3 latex 30 cm, gr.m t8

Kimberly-Clark™ Professional Kimtech Pure™ G5 Latexhandschuhe

Manufacturer-suggested ISO Class 5 or higher X1000 KIMTECH PURE G5 latex 30 cm, Gr.S

Kimberly Clark™ Handschuhe aus Latex

Reinraumhandschuhe Safeskin Hypoclean Critical,Gr.XL, (VE=10x100Stck.)

Kimberly Clark Kimtech Pure G3 Latex-Reinraumhandschuhe


Bioclean Advance™ Handschuhe

A definitive latex double-donnable glove 200PR Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove SZ 8.0

Ansell Edmont™ VersaTouch™ Hellblaue Handschuhe der Serie 92-471 aus Nitril

proFood Premium Einmalhandschuh, GR.9-9.5,puderfrei, L=240mm, (VE=10x100Stck.)

Bioclean Maxima

Provides shoulder length protection without sacrificing the flexibility and comfort provided by latex. Bio Clean Maxima 600mm Latex Cleanroom Gloves,Size 8,5, VE=100 Pairs

BioClean P-Zero™ Sterile Reinraumhandschuhe aus Polychloropren

Excellent chemical protection, tactility and cytotoxic protection x200PR Sterile Cleanroom Glove SZ 6.0

Nitritex™ X100 Gloves Profile 3000 disposable, 240mm long

X100 Gloves Profile 3000 disposable, 240mm longnon-sterile, powder free, ambidextrous nitrile

Bioclean Excell™ Reinraum-Nitrilhandschuhe, steril

Comfort at its best while accelerator-free x200PR Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Glove sz 6 .0

Ansell Edmont™ AccuTech™ 91-325 Serie Latexhandschuhe aus Naturgummi

Provides optimal solutions for controlled and sterile environments, respectively. Ansell Edmont™ AccuTech™ 91-325 Series Natural Rubber Latex Splash Gloves are made with a specific natural rubber formulation that offers a high level of comfortable, sensitive, precise handling. X200 GLOVES ACCUTECH LATEX NON-STERILE XS (6)

Nitritex™ BioClean Legacy™ Reinraum-Latexhandschuhe

Used for clean room work.  Nitritex™ BioClean Legacy™ Latex Cleanroom Gloves are natural colored and provide unbeatable comfort. x1000 Non-sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove sz XXL

BioClean N-Plus™ Extralange, sterile Nitril, Reinraumhandschuhe

Elbow length with good chemical protection 200PR Sterile Nitrile cleanroom glove SZ 10.0

Nitritex™ Non-sterile Cleanroom Gloves for Chemotherapy

Wear Nitritex™ Non-sterile Cleanroom Gloves for Chemotherapy to help ensure the safe handling of chemotherapy drugs. The gloves have been tested against the world's most stringent standards. X1000 Non-sterile Cleanroom Glove sz XS

Bioclean Biotac™ Nitril-Handschuhe

Non-sterile cleanroom gloves with superior grip
Gloves BioClean cleanroom compatible disposablepowder free non sterile nitrile ambidextrous

Ansell Edmont™ Nitrilite™ hochreine seidige Handschuhe

Designed for improved dexterity, comfort, and long wear. Ansell Edmont™ Nitrilite™ Silky Ultra-Clean Gloves are ideal for all critically clean and electrically sensitive applications requiring low particulate and extractable levels such as disk drive, semi-conductor, flat panel, and electrical device manufacturing. X100 ULTRACLEAN GLOVE 7-7,5

BioClean Extra™ Sterile Reinraumhandschuhe aus Latex

Great comfort plus elbow length for increased protection against product contamination x200PR Sterile Latex Cleanroom Glove sz S

Ansell Edmont™ TouchNTuff™ 93-300 Serie Handschuhe aus Nitril, grün

Complies with ASTM D 3577, Type II. Ansell™ TouchNTuff™ 93-300 Series Green Nitrile Gloves are ideal for use in electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and laboratory testing. Handschuh GAMMEX GR.7 VE=240 Paar

BioClean Emerald

These nitrile gloves are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, super-sensitive and accelerator-free 200PR Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Glove SZ 6.5

Semperit™ Sempermed Supreme™ Operationshandschuhe aus Naturlatex

Experience optimum safety and ideal tactile properties with Sempermed Supreme™ Natural Rubber Latex Surgical Gloves. Their rolled rim also adds to their comfort and they feature a three-year shelf life. Sempermed Supreme OP-Handschuhe, Latex, puderfrei, Größe 8 (VE=50 Paar)

BioClean Ultimate™ Sterile Reinraumhandschuhe aus Polychloropren

Excellent sensitivity and cytotoxic protection 200PR Sterile Cleanroom Glove sz 7 .5

BioClean™ Nerva™ extra lange Nitril-Cleanroom-Handschuhe

Nitrile gloves that offer elbow length chemical protection x1000 Non-sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Glove sz M