Industrielle Wischtücher

Fisherbrand™ Musselin-Wischtücher

Reagent-grade quality X60 CHEESECLOTH WIPES

Fisherbrand™ Feuchte Wischtücher

Nonwoven cloth wipes available dry, or premoistened with 100% pure deionized water or a blend of pure reagent-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water X100 DRY CLEAN-WIPES

Fisherbrand™ Optik-Wipes™ Wischtücher

Cleanroom-grade cellulose and polyester blend cloth is soft and lint-free; won't scratch surfaces or fall apart like paper wipes X100 OPTIK WIPES

Fisherbrand™ Lens Cleaning Tissues

Cleans lenses without scratching. Fisherbrand™ Lens Cleaning Tissues are constructed from very fine paper. X625 bogen aus linsenreinigungspapier 12g/m² 100x150 mm

3M™ Hochleistungstuch, Scotch-Brite, blau

Hochleistungstuch, Scotch-Brite, blau

Fisherbrand™ Minireinigungstücher, Mull

Each wipe is a folded 4 in. (10.2cm) square pad that unfolds to approximately 7 × 14 in. X200 MINI-CHEESECLOTH WIPES


Certified, 100% pure cotton CHEESECLOTH BOLT

Fisherbrand™ Minireinigungstücher, Mull

Each wipe is a folded 4 in. (10.2cm) square pad that unfolds to approximately 7 × 14 in. Mini-Seihtücher

Fisherbrand™ X60 Cheesecloth Wipes

Use these wipes for wiping cuvettes, microscopes, glassware, syringes, pipettes and pH electrodes. Fisherbrand™ Cheesecloth Wipes absorb 6 times their weight of solvents and aqueous solutions. X60 Cheesecloth Wipes

Kimberly Clark™ Wischtücher weiss,2-lagig,27x23cm VE=14x2Rollen a 150Blatt, Nr.H5308560

Wischtücher weiss,2-lagig,27x23cm VE=14x2Rollen a150Blatt, Nr.H5308560

Kimberly Clark Professional™ Spender für Handtücher, gerollt

Dispense wider perforated paper towels for hygienic use in laboratory, healthcare and workplace locations. Kimberly Clark Professional™ Rolled Hand Towel Dispenser is a white easy-clean plastic dispenser that can be fixed on a wall. Wandhalter für Ärzterollen, weiß, Rollenbreite50cm, Metall

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Stand-Tuchspender

Use this mobile dispenser use to quickly and easily dispense paper wipers from a large roll. Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Floor Stand Wiper Dispenser is a large, sturdy, blue tubular steel dispenser that can be moved around as a free-standing unit. Dispenser is ideal for busy food areas and helping to maintain hygiene standards. BODENSTAENDER ROLLENSPENDER

Kimberly-Clark™ Papierhandtücher

Ideal for food contact areas. Kimberly-Clark™ KLEENEX™ ULTRA Paper Towels are hygienic and effective. X30 HAND TOWEL KLEENEX ULTRA, INTERFOLDEDinterfolded, 2-ply, airflex





Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Wischtücher, Papier

Used for protecting couches and maintaining high levels of hygiene in the healthcare environment. Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Paper Wipers are strong, tear resistant and durable 2-ply SCOTT™ couch covers. X12 SCOTT Essential Couch Cover 1ply Blue (51W)

Kimberly-Clark™ Wypall L40 Wischtuch, weiß

Offering a perfect blend of softness and strength that is also thick and absorbent. Kimberly-Clark™ WYPALL™ L40 Wipers are available as perforated rolls or in a POP-UP Box. X800 Wipe Wypall L40 1 ply paper 8 box of 100

Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Wischtücher, Stoff

Used for general cleaning and drying tasks. Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L20 Fabric Wipers are thick, highly absorbent layered fabric that cleans up fast without falling apart. X12 WIPE WYPALL L20 1-PLY, AIRFLEX QUILTED PAPER12 rolls of 180 sheets blue sheet size 510mm

Kimberly-Clark™ Cellulose-Präzisionswischtücher

Ideal for light duty cleaning. Kimberly Clark™ Cellulose Precision Wipers are for ISO Class 4 or higher laboratory environments. X30 PACKS MIT 280 KIMTECH TÜCHERN

Kimberly Clark™ Green Wypall Cleaning Wipe Refill

Kimtuf Handreinigungstücher, feucht, 27x27cm (6Spenderdosen a 50Tücher)

Kimberly-Clark™ Wypall L10 Wischtuch, blau

Provides versatility and absorbency to wipe without disintegration. Kimberly-Clark™ WYPALL™ L10 EXTRA Wipers are available as a blue centerfeed roll for use in busy areas. X6 Wiper roll Wypall(R) L10 centrefeed, single

Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L10 Wischtücher, Papier

Use these wipes for medium duty wiping tasks such as polishing glass, smooth surfaces and cleaning tools. Kimberly-Clark™ WypAll™ L10 Paper Wipes are versatile and absorbent so they wipe without disintegrating. TORKDUK WYPALL L10 Rulle Blå 6x600 Ark/fp

Kimberly Clark™ Standard Rollenhandtücher, grau, 1lagig, 20cmx190m (VE=6 Rollen)

Standard Rollenhandtücher, grau, 1lagig,20cmx190m (VE=6 Rollen)