Inkubatoren, Heizplatten, Bäder und Beheizung

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2-Inkubatoren mit Wassermantel der Serie II 3110

Regeln und überwachen Sie CO2-Konzentration und Temperatur präzise mit Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Serie II 3110 CO2 Inkubatoren mit Wassermantel. CO2-INKUBATOR IR HEPAFILTER 184L

Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm™ Oven Stainless-Steel Vacuum Connection Kit für Schläuche, 10 mm Durchmesser, für VT 6025/6060/6130 M/P

Choose from a range of accessories and options for Vacutherm™ ovens to meet application-specific requirements.

Einlegeschale f.Trockenschrank VT61 Edelstahl, 1,5 x 30 x 415 x 460

Thermo Scientific™ HEPA2 VOC-Filtersystem für Inkubatoren und Klimakammern

Get maximum flexibility for your incubator or environmental chamber with these Thermo Scientific™ Incubator and Environmental Chamber accessories. Einlegeboden-Kit, Edelstahl (bestehendausFührungsschienen und einem Einlegeboden)

Fisher Scientific™ Blocks for Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Digital Dry Baths/Block Heaters

A variety of blocks for any application Block 96 PCR Mikrotiterplatte o. Rand

Thermo Scientific™ Work Area Covers for Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators

Work Area Covers for Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators include stainless-steel covers, and covers with leveling devices. INOX BATH LID FLAT W/HANDLE S49S49

Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories

Precisely control the CO2 and temperature with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Series CO2 Incubators.  Forma™ CO2 Incubator Accessories are important components for optimal operation. ANZEIGE RELATIVE LUFTFEUCHTE

Eppendorf™ Thermoblock Adapter Plate

MTP-Adapterplatte 0,2 ml

Cole Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Flexible Insulated-Wire Thermocouple Probes

Optimize readings and temperature accuracy for a variety of applications with these probes. Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ Flexible Insulated-Wire Thermocouple Probes are ideal for high-temperature measurements and can be used with liquids, gases and semisolids.  FUEHLER MIT GEWINDE 1/8'

Wahlmöglichkeiten und Zubehör für Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ 150i und 240i CO2 Inkubatoren

Support stands and shelves STAND W. CASTERS H=780 MM,HERACELL 240

Thermo Scientific™ Accessories for Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators

Enhance the operation of Refrigerated and Heated Bath Circulators with accessories that include bridges, platforms, cooling coils and connectivity solutions. RS232C Schnittstellenbox

Corning™ LSE™ Digital Dry Bath Accessory, Single Blocks

Choice of configurations for use with LSE Digital Dry Bath Heater single block, 24x0.5ml tubes

Thermo Scientific Thermolyne™ Benchtop Muffle Furnaces

Ideal for general laboratory use, including gravimetric analysis, sintering, quantitative analysis and heat treating.


Thermo Scientific™ Digital and Touchscreen Dry Bath Accessories

Get maximum flexibility for your Dry Baths/Block Heaters with a variety of accessories for any application. Block 15ml Röhrchen konisch

Thermo Scientific™ Incubator and Environmental Chamber Accessories

Ensure system safety by using Thermo Scientific™ Shaker Support System, featuring rubber isolators for maximum stability. VERSTAERKTES SS REGAL&BOEDEN/3951REGAL&BOEDEN/3951

Thermo Scientific™ Shelving Options and Accessories for Environmental Chambers and Incubators

Utilize shelving options and accessories to increase the flexibility of your Thermo Scientific™ Environmental Chamber or Incubator. TRANSFERSCHLAUCH 1,8M95418

Thermo Scientific™ Thermolyne™ Benchtop Muffle Furnaces

Compact, lightweight benchtop furnaces F47915 Benchtop Muffle Furnaces,120CI,SSP,NOTP,Power: 120V

Thermo Scientific™ Cimarec+™ Hotplate Series

Get precise stirring control, exceptional safety and temperature performance for your routine protocols. Cimarec Basic 10cm x 10CM Heizplatte mit Keramikoberfläche, 230V, 50/60Hz

Thermo Scientific™ Shelves for Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm Ovens and Incubators

Perforated and wire mesh shelves Drahtgitterhorde für Heratherm Advanced Protocolrockenschrank 750L OMH750 und IMH750-S

Cole Parmer™ Aluminum Flat Bottom Blocks


Corning™ Pyroceram™ Top Digital Stirring Hotplates, 230V

Affordable unit shows accurate temperature and stirring speeds in separate digital readouts PC400D-230V 5X7 HOT PLATE DIGITAL DISPLAY

Fisher Scientific™ Isotemp™ Heated Bath Circulators: Model 5150 H11

Reliable, high-wattage heaters that deliver rapid fluid heat up and ensure fluid compatibility for your application Isotemp Bathermostat 5150 H11, Badvolumen7-11l, Temp. RT +10°C 150°C, 1,2KW, 230V

Corning™ PC-420D Rühr-Heizplatte mit Digitalanzeige

Equipped with bright LED HOT TOP icon that lights up when top plate is over 60°C, even when heat control is turned off. Corning™ PC-420D Stirring Hot Plate with Digital Display provides a safe and efficient device for laboratory heating needs. The two piece casting design deflects spills away from electronics. PC420D-230V 5X7 HOTPLATE/STIRRER DIGITAL DISPLAY12X17CM

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ Shaking Water Baths, Precision SWB 15 - PROMO

Shaking water baths support a range of sensitive life science and QA/QC applications, from warming fragile reagents to tissue culturing and genetics sequencing. Promo pack Precision 15L Shaking Water Bath + Precision 5L General Purpose Water Bath

Cole Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ FEP-isolierte Sonde

Use these probes for applications requiring an isolated junction. Cole-Parmer™ Digi-Sense™ FEP-Insulated Type-K Probes with FEP-Coated Junction are ideal for long term immersion in semi caustic environments. 3M THERMOELEMENT TYP K+ FEP-MANTELFEP-MANTEL