Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ III Reverse Transcriptase

Proprietary mutant of SuperScript II RT X4 RT kit Store at -20°C

Invitrogen™ ThermoScript™ RT-PCR System for First-Strand cDNA Synthesis

Optimized for generating first-strand cDNA from total or poly(A)+ RNA ThermoScript RT-PCR System for First-Strand cDNASynthesis, 25 reactions

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ IV VILO™ Master Mix

SuperScript™ IV VILO™ Master Mix is a reaction master mix designed for fast, sensitive, and reproducible cDNA synthesis in RT-qPCR applications. 50RXN SuperScript IV VILO Master Mix with ezDNase

Applied Biosystems™ MultiScribe™ Reverse Transcriptase

A recombinant moloney murine leukemia virus (rMoMuLV) reverse transcriptase that has been optimized for TaqMan-based assays MultiScribe Reverse Transcriptase, 100 µl

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ SuperScript™ One-Step RT-PCR System for Long Templates

Amplifies RNA targets up to 9.0kb SuperScript One-Step RT-PCR System for LongTemplates, 100 reactions

Invitrogen™ M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase

Recombinant DNA polymerase that synthesizes a complementary DNA strand from single-stranded RNA, DNA, or an RNA:DNA hybrid M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase, 40000 units

Ambion™ SP6 RNA Polymerase (cloned) 20U/μL

A cloned high-purity RNA polymerase with a high specificity for its promoter SP6 RNA POLYMERASE (20 U/UL)

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase

Commonly used in the first step of RT-PCR as well as for primer extension experiments M-MLV REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE4000 units

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ SuperScript™ One-Step RT-PCR System with Platinum Taq DNA Polymerase

Convenient 2X format allows further addition of template and primer at any desired concentration SuperScript One-Step RT-PCR System with PlatinumTaq DNA Polymerase, 100 reactions

Invitrogen™ Cloned AMV First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Combines the high performance of Invitrogen Cloned AMV RT with the convenience of optimized, prequalified reagents Cloned AMV First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit, 25reactions

Invitrogen™ Platinum™ SuperScript™ III One-Step RT-PCR System with Platinum Taq High Fidelity DNA Polymerase

Offers highest sensitivity for end point detection SuperScript III One-Step RT-PCR System, 100reactions

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ III First-Strand Synthesis SuperMix

Optimized SuperMix formulation for first-strand cDNA synthesis from purified poly(A)+ or total RNA SuperScript III First-Strand Synthesis SuperMix,50 reactions

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ VILO™ cDNA Synthesis Kit

Provides the high-temperature capability of SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase (RT) in an optimized format for generating first-strand cDNA for use in real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) 50RXN SUPERSCRIPT VILO (11754050) LITL18 Promotion

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ II Reverse Transcriptase

An improved version of SuperScript RT SuperScript II Reverse Transcriptase, 10000 units

Applied Biosystems™ AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents with manual

AgPath-ID™ One-Step RT-PCR Reagents with manual AGPATH-ID ONE-STEP RT-PCR

Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ High-Capacity RNA-to-cDNA Kit

Designed for optimum performance with TaqMan Gene Expression Master Mix, Power SYBR™ Green PCR Master Mix, and other PCR enzymes High Capacity RNA-to-cDNA Kit, 50 reactions

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ RETROscript™ Kit with Manual

For reverse transcription of RNA into double-stranded cDNA products RETROscript kit with manual Applied Biosystems,40 reactions

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ T7 RNA Polymerase-Plus Enzyme Mix (200U/μL)

High-purity enzyme that's a mix of cloned RNA polymerase and RNase inhibitor T7 RNA POLYMRASE PLUS 30,000U

Invitrogen™ M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase Buffer

Supplied at 5X concentration M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase Buffer, 1 ml

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ Cells-to-CT™ Power S 1-Step Power SYBR Green Kit

Makes it possible to perform expression analysis directly from cultured cells without RNA purification Cells-to-CT 1-Step Power SYBR Green Kit

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ III First-Strand Synthesis SuperMix for qRT-PCR

Provides the high-temperature capability of SuperScript III Reverse Transcriptase in an optimized SuperMix format for synthesis of first-strand cDNA for use in real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) SuperScript III First-Strand Synthesis SuperMixfor qRT-PCR, 250 PCRs

Molecular Probes™ BackDrop™ Background Suppressor for Microplate Assays

Designed to effectively suppress background fluorescence in live cell assays 50ML BACKDROP SUPPRESSOR - LARGE

Applied Biosystems™ High-Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kit with RNase Inhibitor

Delivers extremely high-quality, single-stranded cDNA from 0.02 to 2μg total RNA High Capacity cDNA Reverse Transcription Kitwith RNase Inhibitor, 1000 rxn

Applied Biosystems™ GeneAmp™ RNA PCR Core Kit

Kit design eliminates need to perform large-scale RNA preparations and Northern blots GeneAmp® RNA PCR Core Kit, 1 Kit

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ First-Strand Synthesis System for RT-PCR

Optimized to synthesize first-strand cDNA from purified poly(A)+ or total RNA SuperScript First-Strand Synthesis System forRT-PCR, 50 reactions

Ambion™ Poly(A) Polymerase (cloned) 2U/μL

Catalyzes the addition of adenosine to the 3' end of RNA in a sequence-independent fashion POLY(A)POLYMERASE 80 U (2U/UL)

Invitrogen™ BenchPro™ 2100 Plasmid Processing Station

High-throughput compatibility, automated protocols BenchPro® 2100 Plasmid Processing Station

Invitrogen™ Ambion™ T4 RNA Ligase (cloned) 5U/μL

Catalyzes formation of a phosphodiester linkage between a 5'-phosphoryl-terminated nucleic acid donor and a 3'-hydroxyl-terminated nucleic acid acceptor T4 RNA Ligase (Cloned) 5 U/µl, 500 units

Invitrogen™ ThermoScript™ Reverse Transcriptase

An avian RT with reduced RNase H activity designed for RT-PCR ThermoScript Reverse Transcriptase, 1500 units

Invitrogen™ SuperScript™ III CellsDirect™ cDNA Synthesis Kit

SuperScript III CellsDirect cDNA Synthesis Kit,25 reactions