Ultraschallgeräte, Homogenisatoren und Mixgeräte

Kimble Chase™ PTFE Pestle for Potter-Elvehjem™ Tissue Grinder

Homogenisatorpistill nach Potter-Elvehjem, PTFE 1ml

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Homogenizers


Kimble™ Kontes™ Duall™ Tissue Grinders

Combined conical and cylindrical surfaces improve grinding efficiency Homogenisator 25ml, konisch, mit Pistill undHomeginsatorgefäß

Fisherbrand™ MiniMix 100 P CC Lab Blender

Fisherbrand® Homogenisator MiniMix 100VP, 80 -100 ml, ohne Fenster, Timer 30-120 s.

Kimble Chase™ Glass Plastic Labware LLC™ Glass Tissue Grinder Tubes

Homogenisatorgefäß, Glas, DUALL Typ 25 50 ml

Kimble Chase™ GLASS PLASTIC LABWARE LLC™ Glass Homogenizers

Homogenisatorgefäß, Glas, DUALL Typ 23 15 ml

Kimble™ Kontes™ Dounce Tissue Grinders

Designed for cellular work in which the nucleus remains intact after homogenization TISSUE GRINDER COMP 7ML VE=1

Kimble™ Kontes™ Component Parts For Dounce All-Glass Tissue Grinders

Replacement parts for Dounce tissue grinder Glaspistill, weiter Spalt für Homogenisator, 15 ml

Fisher Scientific™ Tip Horn for Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator

Tip Horn for Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator SONOTRODE MIT 8 SPITZEN Á DM. 3,1 MM

Kimble Chase™ PTFE Tissue Grinder Pestle

Homogenisatorpistill, PTFE, DUALL Typ 23 15 ml

Fisherbrand™ Plain Plunger Head For PTFE Tissue Grinder

Use with glass vessel for homogenizing tissue material. The plain plunger for PTFE tissue grinder is made from pure PTFE. Pistille, glatte Spitze, 5 ml

Fisherbrand™ Blender Bagmixer With Window

Fisherbrand® Homogenisator JumboMix3500VW400-3500ml, mit Fenster, Timer 31-360 s.

Fisherbrand™ 50w Sonicator


Kimble Chase™ Glass Tube for Potter-Elvehjem™ Tissue Grinder

Homogenisatorpistill nach Potter-Elvehjem, PTFE,55 ml

Fisherbrand™ Universal einsetzbarer Homogenisator aus Borosilikatglas

Homogenisator 5ml (Glasmörser und Glaspistill)Borosilikatglas

Kimble Chase™ Glass Tube/PTFE Pestle for Potter-Elvehjem™ Tissue Grinder

Homogenisatorgefäß nach Potter-Elvehjem, Glas 45ml

Kimble™ Kontes™ Pestles For Dounce All-Glass Tissue Grinders

All-glass component parts Glaspistill, enger Spalt für Homogenisator, 7 ml

Kimble™ Kontes™ Tubes For Potter-Elvehjem Tissue Grinders

Homogenisatorgefäß nach Potter-Elvehjem, Glas 1 ml

Fisherbrand™ Recirculating Chiller for Sonicators Accessories: Tubing/Connector Set

Accessories for recirculating chiller SCHLAUCH- UND VERBINDERSET FÜR CUP HORN

Fisher Scientific™ Sonden für Model 505 und 705 Sonic Dismembratoren

Probes for Model 505 and 705 Sonic Dismembrator SONOTRODE DM. 19,05 MM, MIT TITANTELLER

Fisher Scientific™ Model 120 Sonic Dismembrator


Kimble™ Solid Borosilicate Glass Beads for Distillation Columns

Resist attack by liquids or vapors 13500-5, Beads, Solid Glass, Borosilicate 5mm3000 per case

Fisher Scientific™ Schallschutzgehäuse für Sonic Dismembratoren der Modelle 50 und 120

Sound Enclosure for Model 50 and 120 Sonic Dismembrator SCHALLSCHUTZKABINE MIT HALTEKLAMMER, 254X254X508MM

Kimble Chase™ Potter Elvehjem


Kimble Chase™ Glass Plastic Labware LLC™ PTFE Pestle Homogenizers

Homogenisatorpistill, PTFE, DUALL Typ 24 30 ml

Kimble™ Kontes™ Pellet Pestle™

Use to resuspend protein and DNA pellets or grind soft tissue in microcentrifuge tubes X100 EINMAL PELLET KOLBEN 0,5ML