Thermo Scientific™ Rotationsviskosimeter HAAKE™ Viscotester™ 1 plus und 2plus

Messen Sie die Viskosität schnell und zuverlässig mit den Rotationsviskosimetern Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ 1plus und 2 plus. HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus mit 3 Rotoren imTransportkoffer

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Kugelfallviskosimeter C

Messen Sie mit dem Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Kugelfallviskosimeter C die Viskosität präzise ohne Strom und nur mit einer Stoppuhr. Kugelfall Viskosimeter, System Höppler,

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ E, D and C

Ready to go package—unpack, switch on and start measuring viscosity VTC L HAAKE Viscotester C (L-Version) Grundgerätmit Stativ, Spindelsatz

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ Rheometer Application Packages

Ready to use in seconds in any configuration you need HAAKE Viscotester iQ Package for Liquids and Paste

Cole-Parmer™ Endecotts™ Konsistometer aus Edelstahl

Use this consistometer to determine the consistency of viscous materials by measuring the distance that the material flows under its own weight in a given time interval. Cole-Parmer™ Endecotts™ Stainless Steel Consistometer checks against consistency, viscosity and flow rate standards. KONSISTOMETER NACH BOSTWICK

Fungilab™ VISCO ALPHA L 20 - 2.000.000 CP

Allow fast and accurate viscosity readings. VISCO ALPHA L 20 - 2.000.000 CP

SI Analytics™ Temperiermantel 57700, Temp. 0 bis +180°C, komplett für Ubbelohde-Viskosimeter

Temperiermantel 57700, Temp. 0 bis +180°C,komplett für Ubbelohde-Viskosimeter

Fungilab™ VISCO ALPHA R 100 - 13.000.000 CP

Allows fast and accurate viscosity readings VISCO ALPHA R 100 - 13.000.000 CP

SI Analytics™ ViscoSystem AVS® 470 Basis-Einheit, für optoelektronische Abtastung, 95V bis 230V

ViscoSystem AVS® 470 Basis-Einheit, füroptoelektronische Abtastung, 95V bis 230V

Fungilab™ VISCO SMART R 100 - 13.000.000 CP CP

VISCO SMART R 100 - 13.000.000 CPCP

Fisherbrand™ Ubbelohde Kapillarviskosimeter ASTM und DIN

Used to determine kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids. UBBELOHDE DIN 60-300 MM²/S

SI Analytics™ Mikro-Ubb-Viskosimeter 53610, kalibriert, für manuelle Messung

Mikro-Ubb-Viskosimeter 53610, kalibriert, fürmanuelle Messung

Fungilab™ HELDAL VORRICHTUNG (HELIX) Zur relative Viskosität Messung von nicht

HELDAL VORRICHTUNG (HELIX)Zur relative Viskosität Messung von nicht


Measures the viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases. VISCO BALL

SI Analytics™ Ostwald-Viskosimeter

Ostwald-Viskosimeter 50905, nicht kalibriert, fürmanuelle Messung

Fungilab™ VISCO SMART HT 200 - 26.000.000 CP CP

VISCO SMART HT 200 - 26.000.000 CPCP

Fungilab™ VISCO EXPERT L 20-2.000.000 CP CP

VISCO EXPERT L 20-2.000.000 CPCP

SI Analytics™ Handpumpe-Set VZ6550 'Druecken' VISCOSIMETRE

Handpumpe-Set VZ6550 'Druecken'VISCOSIMETRE

SI Analytics™ Ubbelohde Viskosimeter

Robust, reliable, easy-to-use viscometers that enable and secure the daily routine of pH, redox, ISE, conductivity and D.O. measurings from process to documentation. UBBELOHDE VISKOSIM.1000-10000MM²/SVISKOSIM.1000-10000MM²/S

Fungilab™ VISCO SMART LT 20-2.000.000 CP

VISCO SMART LT 20-2.000.000 CP

SI Analytics™ Ubbelohde Viskosimeter, ASTM

Accurately determine the viscosity of Newtonian liquids with these capillary viscometers. SI Analytics™ Ubbelohde Viscometers are ideal for high-temperature or low-temperature liquid measurement. Ubbelohde-Viskosimeter 52543, kalibriert, fürmanuelle Messung

SI Analytics™ Probennadel VZ7136, D=2mm, mit Dichtung, für Spülstation VZ 7135

Probennadel VZ7136, D=2mm, mit Dichtung, fürSpülstation VZ 7135

Fisherbrand™ Cannon-Fenske Routine Viskosimeter


Fisherbrand™ Cannon-Fenske Opaque Capillary Viscometers

Used for dark Newtonian liquids and to study shearing stress and shearing rate. CANNON FENSKE REV 1600-8000 MM²/SMM²/S

Fisherbrand™ Cannon-Fenske Routine Capillary Viscometers


Fisherbrand™ Cannon-Fenske Routine Viscometer


Cole-Parmer™ Auslaufbecher aus Edelstahl

Measure viscosity with stainless steel viscosity cups. EZ™ Series Viscosity Cups provide an easy and economical way to measure viscosity. These cups feature a machined orifice to ensure its length and provide a symmetrical efflux stream. AUSLAUFBECHER STD ZAHN NR. 3

Fisherbrand™ Ubbelohde ASTM Capillary Viscometers

Used to determine kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids. UBBELOHDE ASTM 2000-10000 MM²/SMM²/S

Fisherbrand™ Cannon-Fenske Opaque Capillary Viscometers

Cannon-Fenske Opaque Capillary Viscometers are used for dark Newtonian liquids and to study shearing stress and shearing rate. CANNON FENSKE REVERSE 0,4-2 MM²/SMM²/S