Cellular Imaging Instrumentation

EVOS™ Vessel Holders and Stage Plates

EVOS™ vessel holders and stage plates fit a wide range of vessels, flasks, plates, dishes, and slides. VH NUNC T175

Coverglass Removal Tool

For use with CultureWell™ Chambered Coverglass for Cell Culture Coverglass Removal Tool

Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter

Count live and dead cells and measure viability in as little as 10 seconds (KIT) Countess II Automated Cell Counter Start Kit

Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter

Cell counting and viability in < 10 seconds with no need to buy slides or tips. Two optional user-changeable fluorescence channels with over 20 light cubes to choose from (KIT) Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter Start

Molecular Probes™ Image-iT™ FX Signal Enhancer ReadyProbes™ Reagent

Dramatically reduces background fluorescence resulting from non-specific staining during secondary detection using conjugates of streptavidin or secondary antibodies Image-iT FX Signal Enh. ReadyProbes Reag., 1 Kit

GE Healthcare IN Cell™ Investigator


Fisherbrand™ Moticam 1 Digital Microscope Camera

Moticam 1 series used for schools and small laboratories. It's live resolution use these cameras with interactive white boards for integrated teaching. MOTICAM 1 CAMERA

Carl Zeiss™ C-mount Camera Adapter

Adapts specific Zeiss microscopes for use with still or video camera ADAPTER TV/C 2/3' 0,63X

Thermo Scientific™ ToxInsight™ Micronucleus Cartridges

Detect and quantify micronuclei in multinucleate cells. ToxInsight Micronucleus Cartridge

Carl Zeiss AxioCam Digital Microscopy Camera, Monochrome ICm1 Rev.1 (D)

Digital microscopy camera with FireWire interface CAMERA AXIOCAM ICM1 REV1

Video-Adapter 60 C 2/3' 0.63x

Adapts specific Zeiss microscopes for use with still or video camera Video-Adapter 60 C 2/3' 0.63x