Bottles, Jars and Jugs

Fisherbrand™ Reusable Glass Media Bottles with Cap

Feature clear (natural), drip-free, replaceable polypropylene pour ring 10L Bottle, GL45 screw thread, borosilicate gls 3.3, graduated, fitted blue PP cap and pouring ring

Bemis™ Parafilm M™ Laboratory Wrapping Film

Holds moisture loss to a minimum and offers excellent barrier protection. Bemis Parafilm M™ Laboratory Wrapping Film is a thermoplastic flexible plastic for a wide variety of clinical applications. X24 PARAFILM L75M W50MM

Duran™ Red PBT Screw Caps with PTFE Protected Seal

Autoclavable. DURAN™ Red PBT Screw Caps with PTFE Protected Seal are used with DURAN™ laboratory glass bottles with DIN thread. X2 Screw cap, GL 14, PBT, red, with PTFE protected seal

Duran™ Polypropylene Pouring Rings

Manufactured from polypropylene. DURAN™ Polypropylene Pouring Rings are used with DURAN™ laboratory glass bottles with DIN thread. X10 PP pouring rings, GL45, PP, yellow, for DURANlaboratory glass bottles with DIN thread

Buerkle™ HDPE Wide Neck Square Reagent Bottles

Fill Buerkle™ HDPE Wide Neck Square Reagent Bottles with laboratory media. The bottles are transparent and square. Closure is blue. FLACON CARRE HDPE 2500ml

Huttenlocher™ Black Molding Compound Screw Caps

Schraubverschluss, Preßmasse schwarz, GL25, mitLDPE-Einlage

Menshen™ Polypropylene Screw Caps Wide Neck, Blue

Use Kautex&trade Polypropylene Screw Caps Wide Neck, Blue to top off wide neck bottles used in industry or the laboratory PP screw, DIN 80, blue, for Wide-mouth bottles 1500 to 4000 ML

Duran™ Polypropylene Screw Caps with Lip Seal

Manufactured from polypropylene. Duran™ Polypropylene Screw Caps with Lip Seal comes with lip seal and pouring ring. X10 Screw-caps with lip seal, GL 25, PP, blue, for DURAN laboratory glass bottles with DIN thread

Menshen™ Wide-Mouth Bottles Screw Caps

X10 Threaded connection for wide-mouth bottles, DIblue, PP

Gerresheimer™ Threaded Clear Wide Mouth Bottles without Closure

Stock the laboratory with Gerresheimer™ Threaded Clear Wide Mouth Bottles without Closure. The round, glass bottles are available in various capacities. X56 Gewindeflasche, Weithals, klar, 200 ml, ohne Verschluss, DIN 55

Fisherbrand™ Combination Seal 9mm Screw Vial Closure

X1000 9mm PP Short Thread Cap,blue,centre hole, silic. white/PTFE blue,55° shore A,1.0mm,slitted

Kautex™ 250mL Safety Wash Bottles

Designed to give an accurate fine controlled stream of liquid. Kautex™ 250mL Safety Wash Bottles provide excellent chemical resistance for laboratory safety. WIDE-NECK WASH BOTTLE PE-LD SERIES 303 DISTILLEDwater 250 ml

Kautex™ LDPE Wide Mouth Bottles without Closures

Designed with a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. Kautex™ Wide Mouth Bottles are ideal for liquids, pastes and granules. 303-100 Flasche, weithals, 100 ml ohne Verschluss

Buerkle™ Pressureless LDPE Spray Bottles with Long-life Hand Pump

Manufactured from polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel. Buerkle™ Pressureless LDPE Spray Bottles spray 1.2ml ±0.1 volume per stroke. Suitable for agricultural pesticides and detergents. SPRAYER LDPE 250ML D60XH220MM

Kautex™ Screw Closures

Manufactured with polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance. Kautex™ Screw Closures are rugged caps designed for Kautex™ wide mouth HDPE bottles. Tamper evident closure PP blue for 100 ml bottle wide neck

Scat™ GL 45 Thread Safety Caps

Block solvent vapors with ventilation during removal with the Scat™ GL 45 Thread Safety Cap. It also features an air valve that combines valve and filter functions and solvents stay clean and components of solvent mixtures cannot evaporate. SafetyCap III, GL45, 3x 3,2mm OD

Corning™ Costar™ Disposable Storage Bottles

Manufactured from clear polystyrene for strength and optimum visibility. Corning™ Costar™ Disposable Storage Bottles offer the ideal solution for storing media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions. X12 Storage bottles 250ml with caps , PS, Sterile, Individually wrapped

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Square PETG Media Bottles with Closure

Eliminate costly washing, depyrogenation and autoclaving steps with these bottles, ideal for storage and sampling of active pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk intermediates. Media bottle PETG sterile 500 ml

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth Straight-Sided PPCO Jars with Closure

Store pastes, solids, specimens and lab supplies in Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Wide-Mouth Straight-Sided PPCO Jars. X12 XL9 CONTAINERS POLYPROPYLENE WIDE MOUTH 60ML

Fisherbrand™ LDPE Wide-Mouth Bottles

Ungraduated, translucent for better visibility X72 BOTTLE WM LDPE 60ML F

Duran™ PFA Screw Caps with Lip Seal

X5 DURAN PURE Screw Cap with lip seal, from PFAGL 45, temp.resistant -196 to+260°C

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Heavy-Duty PPCO Vacuum Bottles with Closure: Lab Pack

Hold full vacuum for up to 24 hours with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Heavy-Duty PPCO Vacuum Bottles, ideal for heavy-duty biotechnology lab use. X6 Vacuum bottle heavy duty PPCO

Duran™ Premium Screw Caps

Handles aggressive media. DURAN™ Premium Screw Caps can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. X5 Premium screw cap , GL 25, TpCH260, temperatureresistant -196 to+260°C, USP/FDA stand. conformity

Fisherbrand™ Sterile PETG Media Bottles

Reduce the risk of cross contamination with these sterile, disposable media bottles X24 SQUARE MEDIA BOT PETG 250ML ST

Duran™ Red ETFE Pouring Rings

Use to prevent drips when pouring from laboratory bottles. Duran™. Red melamine rings for pouring accuracy. X10 Pouring ring, GL 32, ETFE, red, for DURAN laboratory glass bottles with DIN thread

Fisherbrand™ UltraClean 9mm Vial Screw Closure

X1000 UltraClean : 9mm PP Short Thread Cap,blue,centre hole, Silic. white/PTFE red,55° shore A,1.0mm

Kautex™ 500mL Safety Wash Bottles

Designed to give an accurate fine controlled stream of liquid. Kautex™ 500mL Safety Wash Bottles provide excellent chemical resistance for laboratory safety. Wide neck wash bottle Isopropanol LDPE natural 500ml cap yellow

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ PPCO Centrifuge Bottles with Sealing Closure

Centrifugalize low- to moderate-speed large-volume biological and chemical samples with these PPCO centrifuge bottles, which come with a sealing closure. X36 Centrifuge Bottles with sealing closure

Kautex™ Black Polypropylene Screw Closures

Tamper-proof cap PP black for wide- neckcontainers series 310 200-300 ml

Brand™ Wide-mouth Square HDPE Bottles

Manufactured from translucent HDPE. BRAND™ Wide-mouth Square HDPE Bottles save space on tight counters, benches, and cabinets. Tamper-proof polypropylene closure includes sealing cone with press-off retaining ring. Ideal for use as a storage container. Square bottle, PE-HD, wide neck1000ml, GL W 54, screw cap PP