Hazardous Materials Storage and Disposal

S.C.A.T.™ Economy Package Exhaust Filters w/Change Indicator

Keep your workspace safe and clean by filtering solvents and pollutants with the S.C.A.T.™ Economy Package Exhaust Filters w/Change Indicator. The filters attach to the solvent reservoir. X4 Exchange packing S filter with splash guard andchange indicator

Kautex™ HDPE Open Top Drum

Manufactured with HDPE for excellent chemical resistance. Kautex™ HDPE Open Top Drums provide sturdy, reliable storage for large quantities. UN wide-neck barrel PE-HD series 359 blue w/coverand tension ring 120 l

Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Transmission Lab Box

Use these boxes for a variety of storage needs. Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Transmission Lab Boxes are ideal for conservation, storage and presentation of products. Boxes are made of crystal polystyrene, a resistant material obtained by polymerization of styrene monomer CH2 = CH-Ph. X10 BOX PS CRISTAL 60X90X50MM

Multiroir™ Polypropylene Storage Bin with Handles

Store items in the Multiroir™ Polypropylene Storage Bin with Handles. The PP plastic and reliable handles provide a sturdy box in which to store many types of equipment, lab coats, instruments, and other medical and industrial supplies. BOX PP 30L HIGH RESISTANCE

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste System

Minimize accidental spills and volatile emissions with the chemical- and break-resistant Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste System. 10 INCH SAFETY WASTE FUNNELHDPE PP CLOSURE WITH10L Bottle

Azlon™ Plastic Boxes with Lid

Use these boxes for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations. Azlon™ Plastic Boxes with Lid are made from tough HDPE, lightweight and unbreakable in normal use. Airtight box Scilabware tight fitting snap on lid

Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Non-medicinal Sharps Container

Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and out-patients.  Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Non-medicinal Sharps Container conforms to the UN standard covering the transport of dangerous goods. Sharps container Sharpsafe 4160 rectangular BS7320:1990, UN3291, polypropylene for incineration or

Sharpsafe™ Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Hazardous Waste Container

Use Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Hazardous Waste Container to dispose of dangerous items. The large waste container holds 60L. WASTE BARREL 60 L

Fisherbrand™ Transport Boxes

For transporting biological and clinical samples, as well as instruments and products that you want to keep clean and dry under testing environmental conditions. Fisherbrand™ Transport box is made of polycarbonate and available in three colors for user/owner identification. Transport box DuraPorter with yellow handles

Dueperthal™ HDPE Canister


Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Storage Box with lid, Autoclavable, For Headpsace-Vials

Temperature resistant from -80° up to +100°. PP Storage Box for 5ml, 10ml and 20ml Headspace-Vials, blue, with cover, 25 cavities

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Large Polypropylene Waste Containers with Cover

Hold and sterilize refuse, clothing, equipment, labware and contaminated material with these large polypropylene waste containers featuring secure, friction-fit closures. X4 Waste container Nalgene large with cover polypr

Azpack™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes

View contents easily with crystal clear construction. Azpack™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes keep laboratory tools and materials organized. X36 CRYSTAL BOXES WITH PUSH-FIT LIDS (PACK OF 36)

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Storage Boxes with lid, Autoclavable, Alphanumeric coded

Temperature resistant from -80° up to +100°. PP Storage Box for 1,5ml (1,8ml, 2ml) vials or 2ml shell vials, , with cover (130 x 130 x 45mm)

Dosen Zentrale™ Covers

DECKEL FÜR WEISSBLECHDOSEN 1140ML, (E 2,8/2,8), 1STÜCK Abmessung 108mm

Dosen Zentrale™ Covers


Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Medicinal Sharps Container

Designed for use in public access areas such as A&E and Out-patients.  Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Medicinal Sharps Container allows easy disposal of sharps but provides added security for both the user and the general public. The Protected Access range also discourages the use of the sharps container for non sharps waste, avoiding unnecessary waste disposal costs. Sharps container Sharpsafe 4100 Rectangular polypropyleneYellow 4.0 litre

Cole-Parmer™ Polystyrene Storage Container

X24 Trans-Boxes Storage Containers, PS,

Bel-Art™ Stainless Steel Benchtop Disposal System

Keeps odors contained. Bel Art™ Polyester Benchtop Disposal System has a hinged, swinging lid that allows easy access. BENCHTOP POLYESTER LINE 200'

Semadeni™ Needles Safety Waste Container

Kanülen-Sicherheits-Abfallbox 1000 ml

Kappes Systeme™ Polypropylene Euro Transport Box

Euronorm Lager- und Transportbehälter, PP,400x600x220mm, rot

Sharpsguard™ yellow 1 0.84L Multi-Purpose Sharps Container with Push-Down Lid

Ideal for phlebotomist usage with a push-down, one-piece lid which incorporates a vacutainer remover. Sharpsguard™ yellow 1 0.84L Multi-Purpose Sharps Container with Push-Down Lid is for disposal of sharps that have been contaminated with medicinal products, but not cytotoxic or cytostatic.
Sharps bin SHARPSGUARD(R) to BS7320:1990, UN3291,

Vitlab™ SAN Multi-purpose container

Includes fitted lid. Vitlab™ SAN Multi-purpose container is ideal for dust-proof storage of small components, instruments and utensils. Multi-purpose container SAN with lid 340X230X94mm4L

Fisherbrand™ Benchtop Single Dispensing Bin

Access your lab materials with ease, even with gloved hands. Fisherbrand™ Benchtop Single Dispensing Bin is ergonomically designed with a large, angled opening and an oversized lip. DISPENSING BINS SINGLE BLUE

Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Drum Accessories

Enable easy transport of BioProcess Container Systems™ (BPC™s) with Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Drum Accessories. Drum Accessory: Dolly, 50 - 200 L

Buerkle™ Polypropylene All Purpose Tube

PP-Schraubdose, transparent, mit Schraub- deckelPE, 1000 ml, D=125 mm, H=126 mm

B Braun™ Medibox™ Cannula And Waste Collectors

Cannula and waste collectors, Medibox 5 liters

Hospidex™ Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Biohazard Container

Use the Sharpsafe™ Polypropylene Biohazard Container to transport dangerous biohazardous goods for disposal. X50 SHARPSAFE CONTAINER 2L

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Cans

Automatically open and close without a touch, protecting users from waste receptacle contact WASTE BIN SCIENCEWARE TOUCH FREE AUTOMATIC PLASTIC33L 368x 267 x 571mm