Axygen Scientific


Individual Septa caps for 0.5mL ABI Prism 310 sequencer tubes X2500 AXYMAT SINGLE SEPTA MAT

Axygen™ Axygen™ Filterspitzen mit Aerosolbarriere

Prevent cross-contamination with robotic barrier tips. Axygen™ Aerosol Filter Tips, Sterile are e-beam irradiated to prevent product degradation, comply with USP 3127 (Heavy Metal Contamination) and are free of leachable additives. Available in a wide variety of tip styles. X4800 Filter tip Axygen MAXYMUM RECOVERY universal

Corning™ Axygen™ 96-Well-PCR-Mikrotiterplatten mit halbem Rahmen

Constructed with ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness to allow precise thermal transfer for optimum results. Corning™ Axygen™ 96-well PCR Microplates are the ideal option for use in PCR thermal transfer and Real-Time PCR applications. The low profile design results in faster and more efficient PCR reactions. 96 Well Clear Low Profile PCR Microplate for ABI(VE=25Stck.)

Axygen™ 0.5mL Conical Screw Cap Tubes: Vorsterilisiert

Features chemical resistant O-ring X4000 Tube Axygen pre-sterilised, screw cap,

Accessories for Axygen™ Horizontal Gel Box, 10cm

For use with horizontal gel box, 10cm Axygen® 16-well comb for use with 10 cm gel box, 1

Axygen™ Axygen™ Tecan™ Freedom™ Evo™/Caliper™ Zephyr™/Biotek™ Roboterspitzen

Ensure consistent performance and quality. Axygen™ Automation Tips for Tecan™, Zymark™, Biotek™ and Dynamic Devices are constructed of clear polypropylene in 96-well racks. Available in nonsterile/sterile, non-filtered/filtered, wide-bore and bottom-labeled options with volumes ranging from 50 to 200μL. X960 180µL PST FILT TIP RACK

Corning™ Axygen™ 96-Well-PCR-Mikrotiterplatten mit halbem Rahmen

Constructed with ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness to allow precise thermal transfer for optimum results. Axygen™ 96-well PCR Microplates are the ideal option for use in PCR thermal transfer and Real-Time PCR applications. X50 PCR microplate Axygen 96 well full skirt

Axygen™ Biomek™ FX/NX Roboter-Spitzen

X4800 Pipettor tip Axygen pre-sterilised widebore polypropylene clear 250µL for Beckman Biomek(

Axygen™ Gel Tips, Round

Universal fit for research grade pipettes. X200 200µL ROUND 57MM GEL TIP

Axygen™ 384-Well PCR-Mikrotiterplatten mit Rahmen

Single and double notch 384-well PCR plates X10 384 WELL PP PCR PLATE ST

Axygen™ System für Miniröhrchen

Polypropylene tube system for compound library storage X80 12X1.1ML STRIP PST TUBE PPPP

Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 2.0mL

Ensure an efficient seal that stays closed during centrifugation. Axygen™ MaxyClear Snaplock Microtubes, 2.0mL provide excellent visibility and feature a piercing port for syringe access. Available in a wide variety of colors. Maxymum Recovery™ and sterile options available. X5000 Microtube Axygen MaxyClear boil-proof polypr

Axygen™ Einzelwell-Reagenzienreservoirs mit mittlerem Profil

Manufactured with virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance X25 RESERVOIR 1WELL 384CH MP PSTPST

Axygen™ 16-well Comb, for 7cm Gel Box

Accessory for use with 7cm horizontal gel box Axygen® 16-well comb for use with 7 cm gel box, 1.

Roboterspitzen im Einhängegestell: Spitzen mit Füllstandssensor, Tecan-Stil, vorsterilisiert

Black tips for accurate sample delivery X2304 20µL TECAN COND TIP PST

Axygen™ Automation Tips for Agilent™/Velocity11 VPrep™ and Bravo: 384 Spitzen/Gestell

Comprehensive line of tips for Agilent/Velocity11 automation systems x19200 Filtered Maxymum Recovery Tip, 15µl, Clear, Sterile, racked/384

Axygen™ Speciality Tips, for Gilson

For use with Gilson pipettes X2500 5ML TIP

Corning™ X4800 Pipettor tip Axygen wide bore, racked,

X4800 Pipettor tip Axygen wide bore, racked,

Axygen™ 10µL Microvolume Filter Tips

Axygen Universal Tips are designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettes, compatible with most popular brands of pipettes. These polypropylene tips are nonpyrogenic and certified to be RNase-/DNase-free. They are available in Maxymum Recovery, bevelled, Eppendorf-style, nonsterile, sterile, non-filtered, and other features for specialized applications. X960 0,1-10µL MAX REC RACK TIP PSTPST

Axygen Konische 1,5 ml-Röhrchen mit Schraubverschluss

With chemical-resistant O-ring X500 1.5ML CON TUBE & CAP VIOLETVIOLET

Axygen™ 20 μl-Ultramikro-Spitzen

Clear, RNase, DNase-free X20000 0,5-10µL TIP

Axygen™ 200 μl-Universal-Pipettenspitzen: 200 μl, abgeschrägt

Designed to fit a wide variety of single and multi-channel pipettes X4800 200µL TIPS RACKED &

Axygen™ Versiegelungsfolien und Klebefolien für Mikrotiterplatten

Offer great economy for disposable ease X1000 Sealing film Axygen breathable for tissue

ROLLER SEALING FILM applying PlateMax Sealing Films VE=1

Ideal for the application of all PlateMax™ sealing films ROLLER SEALING FILM

15ul Filtered Fine Point Tip for V-11, Clear - Sterile VE=19200 St.

For use with Agilent/Velocity11 automation systems 15ul Filtered Fine Point Tip for V-11, Clear -Sterile VE=19200 St.

Axygen™ 1000 μl-Universal-Pipettenspitzen: abgeschrägt

Compatible with most popular brands of pipettes X5000 Pipettor tip Axygen bevelled, racked, polypr

Axygen™ Axygen™ PCR-Röhrchen, 8er-Streifen

Available in a variety of colors for easy sample identification. Axygen™ 8-Strip PCR Tubes, 0.2mL are constructed of sturdy polypropylene. Each non-sterile, conical tube features thin and consistent wall thickness. Sold with flat or domed caps to prevent sample loss or without caps. X1250 PCR strip tube Axygen thin wall, 8 per

Axygen™ Roboterpipettenspitzen

Compatible with Hamilton MICROLAB™ STAR and Nimbus workstations X2304 HAMILTON CORE STYLE TIP 1ML

Axygen™ Wellpro™ Roboterspitzen

Clear tips X960 200µL TIP WELL PRO


About Axygen

Axygen Scientific is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality laboratory consumables for researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic communities worldwide. Their technical expertise and in-house microbiology lab ensure that they provide data supported answers to technical questions. Axygen's Maxymum Recovery pipette tips and robotic tips utilize a unique manufacturing process that creates ultra smooth surfaces.

Key Ranges:

Maximum Recovery Pipettor Tips

Maximum Recovery technology allows recovery of costly samples and improves accuracy and precision. Universal fit tips & aerosol barrier tips compatible with most popular brands of pipettor. Available in bulk and racked formats, manufactured in ‘clean-room’ environment.

PCR Products
  • Axygen PCR Plates
    Available in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and colours, with bar coding available on skirted plates. Unique cap design prevents sample evaporation. Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness allows precise thermal transfer.
  • Axygen PCR Tubes
    Manufactured to the highest quality standards for consistent results. Sealed with a full-length, even insertion cap, which ensures a tight fit and eliminates sample evaporation.

MAXYclear snaplock and screw cap microtubes – the ultimate in sample visibility. A wide range of coloured tubes for easy sample ID. Snaplock tubes guaranteed to stay closed, assures efficient seal with easy flip open. Will withstand up to 20,000GCF. MAXYMum Recovery available in most styles for minimal sample retention.

High Throughput Screening

Axygen’s extensive line of HTS products provide researchers with solutions to the challenges in drug discovery.

  • Robotic tips with unsurpassed consistency and performance to fit most liquid handling systems. Compatible tips include: Beckman Coulter, Velocity11, Tecan, Corbett, PerkinElmer, Zymark/Caliper, Qiagen, BioTek, Dynamic Devices, Hamilton and WellPro.
  • Deep Well and Assay Plates made of virgin polypropylene; excellent chemical resistance will withstand temperatures down to –80C. Standard SBS footprint.
  • Single and multi-well reservoirs in numerous formats, SBS footprint, for manual and automated applications.