Buchi™ Wasserstrahlpumpe B430


BUCHI™ Drying Flasks for Rotary Evaporators

Special shaped flasks for powder drying Trocknungskolben 1000 ml NS 29/32, birnenförmigCN29/32

BUCHI™ Verbindungskabel RJ45, L=2000mm, 8-poliger Stecker, für Rotavapor und V-700

Connects vacuum pump and controllers for speed control. BUCHI™ RJ45 Cat.5e Ethernet Cables offer universal connectivity to a wide range of data storage devices, computers and other products with Ethernet compatibility. Verbindungskabel RJ45, L=2000mm, 8-poligerStecker, für Rotavapor und V-700

Buchi™ FKM O-rings Set

Set Of Gasket For Nozzle

Buchi™ 038025 Valve Head

038025 Valve Head

BUCHI™ Gummistopfen 3mm (25 stk.)

Gummistopfen 3mm (25 stk.)

Buchi™ Introduction Stopcocks

Introduction Stop-Cock

Buchi™ 032004 Puffer, Typ D, 15/15 für den R134

032004 Puffer, Typ D, 15/15 für den R134

BUCHI™ Accessories for Glass Condensers

Use these accessories with Buchi glass condensers. Set Glas R-12 (12St)

Buchi™ Kühler 026004

Kühler 026004



Buchi™ 020725 Filzscheiben 19 x 2 mm

020725 Filzscheiben 19 x 2 mm

Buchi™ Adapter Sets

X25 1/4 UNF-28 FITTINGS (PK OF 25)

BUCHI™ Achat Mörser mit Pistill

Achat Mörser mit PistillZerkleinerung hochreiner Proben. Die polierte

BUCHI™ Rotary Evaporator Glass Assemblies

Glass Assemblies for Buchi Rotary Evaporators Glass Assembly A Cpl. Plg

Buchi™ PTFE-Schlauch Lg275Mm

PTFE-Schlauch Lg275Mm

BUCHI™ Becherkolben NS29/32 1500ml,034140

Two-piece flask offers easy access to product Becherkolben NS29/32 1500ml,034140

BUCHI™ Verdampfungskolben für Rotationsverdampfer

Use these evaporating flasks with any rotary evaporator. Buchi™ Evaporating Flasks offer high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis and organic substances. Ideal for the distillation of solvents. V. Kolben 250 ml 29.2/32 No. 000433

BUCHI™ Distillation Spiders for 20mL Cylindrical Flasks

For 6, 12, or 20 position parallel evaporation from 20mL cylindrical flasks Spider Evaporator 20 Ml

Buchi™ Vakuumstutzen für Büchi-Rota 661

Vakuumstutzen für Büchi-Rota 661

Buchi™ Vakuumdichtung 'GACO' für Glasrohrofen GKR-51

Vakuumdichtung 'GACO' für Glasrohrofen GKR-51

BUCHI™ Reitmeyer-Aufsatz NS29/32

Reitmeyer-Aufsatz NS29/32

BUCHI™ Printer Ribbon for Melting Point M-560 Apparatus

Accessory for use with M-560 Melting Point apparatus. Druckerfarbband Idp 460

Buchi™ Anschlußschlauch Viton

Anschlußschlauch Viton

Buchi™ Freeze Drying Accessories

Freeze drying accessory

BUCHI™ Flat Seals


Buchi™ V-100 Vacuum Pump

Cover essential vacuum generation needs with this economical diaphragm vacuum pump. Buchi™ V-100 Vacuum Pumps feature a space-saving design and chemically resistant PTFE construction. Optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor R-100. V-100 pump stand alone+woulf bottle

Buchi™ Dichtung (V) für Scrubber B-412

Dichtung (V) für Scrubber B-412