Millipore™ Visualizer Western Blot Detection Kit


EMD Millipore Steripak™-GP sterile Filtereinheit

Fast flow and high throughput Steripak-GP20 PES .22um RS 4-stack 3/pk

EMD Millipore Isopore™ Polycarbonat-Membranfilter

Use for analyses of airborne contaminants and other particles using optical or electron microscopy. EMD Millipore Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters have a smooth, glass-like surface for clearer sample observation. Available in a variety of pore sizes/flow rates, diameters and colors. Membranfilter, Isopore, 10µm, 13mm (VE=100Stck.)MM

EMD Millipore Kapseln für Grundwasserproben

Large surface area and high-throughput membrane Ground water sampling capsule, 5.0um,5.0µM

EMD Millipore Ultracel™ Ultrafiltrationsscheibe

Use to concentrate or desalt dilute solutions with the Stirred Cell device Ultracel PLBC Ultrafiltrations-Membran- scheibe,NMGG=3000, D=150mm (VE=5Stck.)

EMD Millipore Hefen und Schimmelpilz Eintauchtester (VE=25 PCE)

Self-contained dip testers to monitor yeasts and molds in food, beverages X25 Y&M Count Sampler,yellow plastic paddle with dehydrated media and MCE filter membrane



EMD Millipore Ultrafree-CL LG und LH Zentrifugenfiltereinheiten mit PTFE-Membran

For use with protein and nucleic acid solutions Ultrafree-CL 0.45µm, PTFE-Membran (VE=25Stck.)UNSTERIL

EMD Millipore MultiScreen™ 96 Well-Assay-Platten für ELISPOT-Assays

Give optimal results in immunological ELISPOT (enzyme-linked immunospot) assays by providing high protein-binding capacity with low background staining Multiscreen Plate (VE=10 Stück)0,45Á

EMD Millipore Nicht sterile Millex™ Spritzenfilter, 13 mm – Durapore™ PVDF-Membran

Overmolded polypropylene housing and optimized housing design Overmolded Millex 13, 0.22m PVDF, NS, (Yellow),VE=100 St.

Millipore™ Edelstahltrichter

Trichter Edelstahl 100ml100ML

Millipore™ Reblot™ Western Blot Recycling Kit

Re-Blot Western Blot Recycling KitKIT

EMD Millipore DIPTESTER COLIFORM (VE=25) MC0010025

Uses self-contained dip tester to monitor coliforms in liquids DIPTESTER COLIFORM (VE=25) MC0010025

Millipore™ Durapore™ Hydrophiler Medienmembranfilter aus PVDF

Durapore PVDF-Membranfilter, hydrophil, 0,22µm,weiß,ohne Netzaufdruck (VE=1Rolle)

EMD Millipore Ultrafree™-MC Zentrifugen-Filter-Einsätze mit Durapore™ Membran

Prepare and purify microcentrifuge samples. EMD Millipore Ultrafree™-MC Centrifugal Filter Devices with Durapore™ Membrane enables fast, convenient sample preparation of very low hold-up volumes. Available in sterile and non-sterile versions and a variety of pore sizes. Filtereinheiten für Ultrafree-MC und CL, 0,22µm,0,5ml, gelb (VE=25Stck.)

EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra-0.5 Zentrifugen-Filter-Einsätze

Designed for protein purification, protein concentration and desalting. EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra-0.5 Centrifugal Filter Units feature reverse spin capability and are available at two MWCO levels. Constructed with Ultracel membranes, styrene/butadiene housing and polypropylene caps and tubes. Zentrifugen-Filtereinheit Amicon Ultra 0,5 Vol. 0,5ml, MWCO 3 kDa, VE=8 Stück

anti-Eosinophil Major Basic Protein (EMBP), Clone: BMK13, Millipore™ (Chemicon™)

100UG Mouse Anti-Human Eosinophil Major Basic Protein (MBP) Monoclonal Antibody

EMD Millipore MultiScreen™ Solvinert Filterplatten

Optimized for drug discovery applications. EMD Millipore MultiScreen™ Solvinert Filter Plates are solvent compatible and feature a unique one-piece design. 96-well plates are available in deep well (2mL) format (with or without pre-filter) and standard (500μL) format, with hydrophobic or hydrophilic membranes. MS Solv Phob 0.4um NS (VE=10St)

EMD Millipore Microfil™ Funnels and Filters

Presterilized, ready-to-use funnels and filter membranes X150 Microfil 250ml funnel + 0.45µm 47mm white gridded S-Pak membrane (mixed ester cellulose)

EMD Millipore Stericup™ sterile Absaugfiltereinsätze

Designed for sterilizing tissue culture media, protein and DNA solutions. EMD Millipore Stericup™ Sterile Vacuum Filter Units have a no-tip design for improved stability during filtration. Steritop bottle top filter units use either a PES or PVDF filter. Available in varied pore sizes and volumes. Stericup-Filtereinheit, steril, PVDF-Mem- bran,0,22µm,Trich. 500ml,Gef.1000ml (12St)

EMD Millipore Multiscreen HTS 96 Hi Flow FB non-sterile (VE=50Stck.)

Receptor/ligand binding assays, sample prep, enzyme assays with precipitation, DNA purification Multiscreen HTS 96 Hi Flow FB non-sterile(VE=50Stck.)



EMD Millipore Millisolve Solvent Clarification Kit

Accessories for filter holders for sample preparation. Millisolve Solvent Clarification Kit

EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra-4 Zentrifugen-Filter-Einsätze

Achieve both high sample recovery and fast sample processing. EMD Millipore Amicon™ Ultra-4 Centrifugal Filter Units feature regenerated cellulose membranes that are ideal for protein & nucleic acid purification, concentration and desalting. Available in several diameters and molecular weight limits. Amicon Ultra-4 Zentrifugeneinheit, max. Vol. 4ml,10 KD, (VE=24Stck.)

Millipore™ EZ-Pak und Microfil aus Polypropylen

X150 Microfil funnel + 0.22µm 47mm white gridded EZ-Pak membrane (ester cellulose)

Millipore™ Samplicity System Glossy Green (VE=1)

Samplicity System Glossy Green(VE=1)


PTFE Tubing for solvent/buffer PTFE TUBING FOR SOLVENT/BUFFER 70CM

EMD Millipore Millex™ nicht sterile Spritzenvorsatzfilter mit PE-Gehäuse – hydrophiles PTFE

For removing particulates, reducing signal-to-noise ratios and maintaining flat baselines Unsterile Spritzenfilter Millex, D=4mm, 0,45µm,PTFE-Membran, hydrophil (VE=100St)


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