Fisherbrand™ Polycarbonate Membranes

Fisherbrand™ Polycarbonate Membranes smooth flat surface and hexibit very low extractables levels. X100 MBNE WHITE PC 47MM .22µ

Fisherbrand™ Mixed Celluloses Esters Membranes Non-sterile Filter

Fisherbrand™ Mixed Celluloses Esters Membranes Non-sterile Filters are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. X100 MBNE MCE 25MM.45µ NS

Alfa Aesar™ Sodium Chloride Crystals Optic Discs

Clear sodium chloride disc used in an infrared spectrophotometer Sodium chloride crystal optic disc, 25mm x 4mm, polished both sides 1each

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Glasfaservorfilter

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene Glasfaser-Vorfilter erhöhen die Filtrationsgeschwindigkeit und den Durchsatz bei hoch viskosen oder stark partikelhaltigen Lösungen in Verbindung mit Nalgene MF75 Filtereinheiten oder Bottle Top-Filtern. Vorfilter, 75 mm Glasfaser, unsteril VE=100 Stück

Fisherbrand™ PTFE Filter Membranes

Fisherbrand™ PTFE membrane is hydrophobic filter made of polytetra-fluorethylene laminated with PP layer. X100 MBNE PTFE 47MM 5µ

Cole Parmer™ Polypropylene Screen Sheet

3 SPECTRA/MESH PP 30X30 500µ

Fisherbrand™ Cellulose Membranes

Suitable for Clarification and sterilizing filtration of biological fluids . Fisherbrand™ Cellulose Membranes filters are composed of pure cellulose acetate modified to offer researchers the lowest binding filters available. X100 MBNE AC 47MM .22µ

Cole Parmer™ EDELSTHAL MESH SIEB 90MM 213μM 213μM


Saint-Gobain™ Zitex™ Membrane Filters


Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Filtermembranen

Die Filtermembranen eignen sich für Partikel- und mikrobiologische Analysen. Erhältlich in verschiedenen Ausführungen für Wasserqualitätsanalysen, Kaltsterilisation und die Probenreinigung. Membranfilter, 0,2µ CA, 47 mm, unsteril VE=100Stück

Fisherbrand™ Nylon-Membranen

Naturally hydrophilic membrane designed to wet out evenly and retain its superior strength during use in general filtration or medical assays. X200 MBNE NY 13MM .22µ

Cole Parmer™ X25 MEMBRANE 0.2UM 47MM


Fisherbrand™ Polyethersulfone Membranes

Fisherbrand™ Polyethersulfone Membranes features highly asymmetrical pore structure that offers effective loading capacity and high flow rate. X100 MBNE PES 25MM.22µ

Fisherbrand™ Mixed Celluloses Esters Membranes Sterile Filter

Fisherbrand™ Mixed Celluloses Esters Membranes Sterile Filters are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. X100 MBNE MCE WHIT/N 47MM .22µ STST

Cole Parmer™ Polypropylene Screen Disc


Millipore™ VCWP05000 0.1UM VCWP 50MM DIA 100/PK

VCWP05000 0.1UM VCWP 50MM DIA 100/PK

EMD Millipore Mitex™ PTFE-Membranfilter

Unlaminated for extreme chemical or temperature conditions Mitex PTFE-Membranfilter, hydrophob, 5 µm, D=25mm, weiß, mit Netzaufdruck (VE=100St)

EMD Millipore Isopore™ Polycarbonat-Membranfilter

Use for analyses of airborne contaminants and other particles using optical or electron microscopy. EMD Millipore Isopore™ Polycarbonate Membrane Filters have a smooth, glass-like surface for clearer sample observation. Available in a variety of pore sizes/flow rates, diameters and colors. Membranfilter Polycarbonat, Isopore,0.8µm, D=13mm(VE=100Stck.)

Millipore™ Nylon Woven Net and Membrane Prefilter

Nylon-Netzfilter Durchmesser 90 mm, 160µmVE 50 St.

EMD Millipore Nylon Net Filter

Compatible with a broad range of solvents Nylon Netzfilter, 60µm, (VE=30cmx3m Rolle)

Millipore™ Nylon Plain Surface Net Filter


EMD Millipore Hydrophile Nylon-Membranfilter

Filtration of aqueous or organic solutions Nylonmembran, 0,22 µm, D=47mm, weiß, ohneNetzaufdruck, (VE=100Stck.)

EMD Millipore Durapore™ PVDF-Membranfilter: Hydrophil: 0.10 μ Porengröße

Recommended when maximum recovery is important Membranfilter, Durapore, PVDF, 0,1µm, D=13mm(VE=100Stck.)

EMD Millipore MF-Millipore™ Cellulosemischester-Membranen: 1.2 μm Porengröße

Membranfilter MCE-MF, 1.2µm, D=47mm (VE=100Stck.)47MM

EMD Millipore MF-Millipore™ Cellulosemischester-Membranen: Ohne Triton

Composed of mixed cellulose esters (nitrate and acetate) Immobilon-NC, tritonfrei, D=25mm (VE=100Stck.)TRITONFREI

Millipore™ Milliflex-100 White Gridded Separate

Milliflex-100 0.45µm white grd separate 24/Pk

EMD Millipore Durapore™ PVDF-Membranfilter: Hydrophob

Recommended when maximum recovery is important Membranfilter, Durapore, hydrophob, 0.45µm D=13mm(VE=100Stck.)

EMD Millipore Fluoropore™ PTFE-Membranfilter

Hydrophobic membrane with laminated backing for easier handling Membranfilter PTFE, mit Stützgitter, Fluo-ropore,weiß, D=142mm, 0,5µm (VE=50Stck.)