Kunststoff-Boxen mit Deckel

Use these boxes for food contact applications in accordance with EU regulations. Azlon™ Plastic Boxes with Lid are made from tough HDPE, lightweight and unbreakable in normal use. BOITE HERM PE 100X100X125

Multiroir™ Polypropylen-Lagerbehälter

Store items in the Multiroir™ Polypropylene Storage Bin with Handles. The PP plastic and reliable handles provide a sturdy box in which to store many types of equipment, lab coats, instruments, and other medical and industrial supplies. AUFBEWAHRUNGSBOX PP 45L

Multiroir™ Transmissions-Laborbox aus Kristall-Polystyrol

Use these boxes for a variety of storage needs. Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Transmission Lab Boxes are ideal for conservation, storage and presentation of products. Boxes are made of crystal polystyrene, a resistant material obtained by polymerization of styrene monomer CH2 = CH-Ph. BOX PS CRISTAL 120X180X75MMLIT

Fisherbrand™ Transportkästen

For transporting biological and clinical samples, as well as instruments and products that you want to keep clean and dry under testing environmental conditions. Fisherbrand™ Transport box is made of polycarbonate and available in three colors for user/owner identification. Transport box DuraPorter with yellow handles

Huenersdorf™ HDPE-Universalbehälter

Store and transport your laboratory items in the Huenersdorf™ HDPE Universal Container. It is resistant to acids and chemicals, has a tightly closing lid, and is deep freezable and stackable. Gefrierdose, 1,5 Liter, 200 x 100 x 95mm mit

Bel-Art™ X5 144 Place Freezer Storage Box

Provide ULT freezer storage at temperatures down to -86°C X5 144 Place Freezer Storage Box

Multiroir™ Aufbewahrungsboxen, durchsichtiges Polystyrol

Use Multiroir™ Crystal Polystyrene Minimax Storage Boxes for your storage and transport needs. The clear, glass-like polystyrene enables you to view your contents clearly from the outside. The boxes are delivered complete with a separator kit for additional organization of contents. AUFBEWAHRUNGSBOX MINIMAX 12

Cole-Parmer™ X24 Trans-Boxes Storage Containers, PS,

X24 Trans-Boxes Storage Containers, PS,

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ 81-Place Polypropylene Cryo Storage Boxes

Polypropylene storage boxes provide compact storage and keep cryo vials organized on the bench, in the freezer, or during transport. Unlike cardboard models these sturdy boxes will not break down with exposure to moisture and heavy use. Freezer box, 81 place, polypropylene, orange



Fisherbrand™ Lagerbehälter aus Acryl mit 3 Fächern

Keep spare lab and office items easily accessible. Fisherbrand™ Acrylic Dispensing Bins have large openings with hinged lids for easy filling and dispensing. The sturdy clear bins make it easy to monitor inventory. Four compartments help organize small parts. 3 COMPARTMENT STORAGE BIN

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo™ Polypropylene Small Parts Box

Sortimentkasten aus PS, mit 8 Fächern,335x225x55mm

Azpack™ Lagerungskästen aus Polystyrol

View contents easily with crystal clear construction. Azpack™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes keep laboratory tools and materials organized. X36 CRYSTAL BOXES WITH PUSH-FIT LIDS (PACK OF 36)

Multiroir™ Lagerungskästen aus Polypropylen

Store and transport items securely in high-capacity Multiroir™ Polypropylene Storage Boxes. The boxes have snap-on, tight-fitting lids and have no handles. BOX PP 25L 550X390X H160MM

Huenersdorf™ Sortimentkasten aus Polystyrol

Huenersdorf™ Polystyrene Storage Boxes are the perfect complement to any microscopy laboratory. x12 Assorted box PS 6 subjects transparent

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo™ Polyethylene Small Parts Storage Boxes

Kleinteile-Magazin PORTAFIX, PE, mit 12Schubkästen, B=360 x H=470 x T=170 mm

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Storage Box

Aufbewahrungskästen mit Deckel mittel

Buerkle™ Allzweck-Lagerbehälter aus HDPE

Allzweck-Lagerbehälter, LxBxH 660x450x410 mm, 94 l

Buerkle™ Dose transparent, mit Schraubdeckel, PP, 1000 ml .

Dose transparent, mit Schraubdeckel, PP, 1000 ml

Multiroir™ Stoßfeste Polypropylen-Aufbewahrungsbox

Guard items against damage and store them securely by using the sturdy polypropylene Multiroir™ Polypropylene Shockproof Storage Box with tight-fitting lid. AUFBEWAHRUNGSBOX PP 2L

Huenersdorf™ LDPE-Mehrzweckbehälter, naturfarben

Stack this Huenersdorf&trade: Multi-purpose Container, which is resistant to acids and chemicals and can be used as a sample container. Gefrierdose, 0,5 Liter, 100 x 100 x 65mm mitDeckel

Fisherbrand™ 10 x Flat pack Sample Storage Tray

Separate items with included dividers or remove them for general product storage and transport. 10 x Flat pack Sample Storage Tray

Carl Roth™ Rotilabo™ HDPE Deep Freeze Box

Gefrierdosen, PE, mit Deckel, 2000ml, flach,255x103x94mm (VE=5tck.)

Licefa™ Rectangular Box

V3-30 Musterdosen, ca. 50 ml mit Stülp- deckel

Gilac™ Quadratische Kühlschrankboxen aus Polypropylen


Buerkle™ Allzweckdosen aus LDPE, quadratisch

Allzweckdose vierkant, PE, 500 ml, L: 103 mm, m.V.

Vitlab™ SAN Universal-Steckschlüssel

Includes fitted lid. Vitlab™ SAN Multi-purpose container is ideal for dust-proof storage of small components, instruments and utensils. Allzweckdose, SAN, mit Deckel, glasklar, 4000ml,340x230x94mm