Vitlab™ Polypropylene Scoop

Use these corrosion resistant scoops for applications in the food industry. VITLAB™ Polypropylene Scoops are lighter than metal, don’t dent and feature good chemical resistance. Also suitable as weighing scoops. X12 Measuring scoop PP white length 100mm 10ml

Buerkle™ Disposable Plunging Siphon

Dispose of the sampler instead of carrying out a complicated cleaning process. Buerkle™ Disposable Plunging Siphons are constructed of transparent polyethylene which resists adhesion and minimizes sample retention. EINWEG-STECHHEBER, KOMPLETT MIT HANDGRIFF, 75ML,D=27mm, L=50cm, Tiefe: 35cm

ratiolab™ Multi-Purpose Beakers With Screw-Caps

Use these beakers for a variety of storage and sampling applications. ratiolab™ Multi-Purpose Beakers With Screw-Caps are ideal for sampling, transport and storage of solid, pasty and liquid samples. Urinbecher mit rotem Schraubverschluss, PP,125ml,steril einzeln verpackt (VE=250)

Buerkle™ LiquiDispo™ Disposable Sampler

Take samples of liquids from highly liquid to slightly viscous with this disposable sampler. Buerkle™ LiquiDispo™ Disposable Sampler features an ergonomic handle which makes it easier to draw the sample. Up to 200mL can be drawn, as with a syringe. X20 MicroDispo LaboPlast, HDPE, 1000 mm, 10 ml

Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod/Tube

Use a practical snap-in joint to attach the Buerkle™ Telescopic Rod/Tube to TeleScoop™ accessory sampling tools (angular beaker, pendulum beaker, bottle holder, stainless steel beaker and dip net). For industry and water treatment sampling. TELECOSPIC TUBE 0,7/2,8Mverstellbar, ohne Flaschenhalter

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bottle Holder

Holds all plastic, glass or metal sample bottles up to 88mm diameter, up to a depth of 6m. Buerkle™ Polpypropylene Bottle Holder employs a telescoping rod designed for industry and water treatment sampling. FLASK CARRIER

Ratiolab™ Polypropylene Urine Beakers

Collect urine specimens in these beakers. Ratiolab™ Polypropylene Urine Beakers are ideal for sampling, transport and storage of solid, pasty and liquid samples. X500 container PP 125ml with red screw cap

Gosselin™ Sterile Spoons

Suitable for general laboratory use. Gosselin™ Sterile Spoons are manufactured from sterile polystyrene.
X1000 Large spoon 8ML, PS white L150, sterile, SAL 10-3

Vitlab™ Transparent Polypropylene Beaker

Use these polypropylene beakers for a variety of general laboratory applications. VITLAB™ Transparent Polypropylene Beakers feature a stable handle easy-grip handle and an easily readable, embossed blue scale. X12 Graduated beakers 500 ml, PP, raised blue scale

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sampler

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel SiloPicker Sampler is ideal for taking bulk goods samples from silos. SILO-PICKER

Sampling Systems™ Discrete Multilevel Sampler

The highly popular Pocket Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. Its GMP design means it can be stripped and cleaned very efficiently. SAMPLER 90CM SS/SS 3X20ML D:25MM

Buerkle™ Liquid Sampler on Bottle

The valve is opened by attaching the sample container to empty the sample.Sampler for thin to viscous liquids. Easy use with one-handed operation. With discharge funnel for safe filling of the sample bottles. Material AISI 316L (1.4404). LIQUID SAMPLER 53,5CM 100ML D32MMInhalt: 100 ml, Aufsetz-Ventil

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Antistatic Spatulas

Dispense or collect samples of powders or soft solids. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Antistatic Spatulas are autoclavable. They are designed to fit with standard 15 and 1.5mL tubes. X300 Spatulas 140 x 3.5mm Opaque Antistatic

BrandTech™ PFA Sample Containers

Sample container PFA with screw cap PFA 60ml

Buerkle™ LaboPlat™ Bio Spatulas

Penetrates directly into paper or plastic containers and sacks. Buerkle™ LaboPlast™ Bio Spatulas are ideal for sampling powders, granulates and pastes. X10 Spatula LaboPlastBio w/o c

Wilesco™ Aluminum Weighing Scoop

Measure, weigh and balance laboratory samples using the Wilesco™ Aluminum Weighing Scoop. The flat bottom keeps the scoops upright when filled or empty. The versatile scoop an be used as a weighing boat or placed on a flat surface. Weighing scoop Al 210 mm

Cole-Parmer™ LaMotte™ Secchi Turbidity Disk

Use this disk to determine turbidity or degree of visibility in natural water supplies. Cole-Parmer™ LaMotte™ Secchi Turbidity Disk features braided, stretch resistant lines marked at half and full meter intervals up to 20 meters. SECCHI DISK BLACK & WHITE

Sampling Systems™ PowderThief Sampler 12.5mm Diameter

Extensively used throughout the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries around the world. Sampling Systems™ PowderThief Sampler 12.5mm Diameter is suitable for sampling free flowing powders and granules. PowderThief Body 2000mm

Semadeni™ Semadeni Polypropylene Cup

Cups, PP, first opening guaranteepu=100 pcs

Buerkle™ Liquid Cupsampler™

It is possible to carry out point sampling of liquids of varying viscosity with the stainless steel Liquid CupSampler (V4A). Media-containing particles can also be sampled without difficulty.The sampler can be used in the fields of chemistry, foodstuffs and cosmetics.The cup can be unscrewed from the stem, allowing easy cleaning. FLÜSSIGKEITSSAMMLER 100ML

Carl Roth™ Polypropylene Sample Beaker

Sample cup with screw cap 100 ml,Green lid, leakproof (Pack 100)

Buerkle™ Aluminum Profisampler™

ProfiSampler Aluminum for solvents and flammable liquids in Explosion Categories IIA, IIB and IIC. With bottle thread GL 45 (suitable for Schott glass bottles 100 ml to 1000 ml).When taking samples of flammable liquids, the device must be earthed. For this, earthing cable and, possibly in addition, anti-static set should be used, see accessories. PROFISAMPLER, ALUMINIUMVakuumpumpe, Etiketten, Plomben

Bochem™ Aluminum Chemical Scoop

Manufactured from aluminum, the Bochem™ Aluminum Chemical Scoop – is a perfect addition to your laboratory tools. Schaufel aus Aluminium, L=155 mm, 65ml

Schneider Gerd™ Pharmacist Spoon

Use this spoon for a variety of applications. Schneider Gerd™ Pharmacist Spoons are ideal for use with a wide range of compounds. Spoon 150 mm

Fisherbrand™ Ladles

Suitable for sampling the most aggressive media. Fisherbrand™ Ladles are fully encapsulated in PTFE plastic for rigidity. PTFE LADLE SCOOP 10 ML

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Colored Spatulas

Dispense or collect samples of powders or soft solids. Fisherbrand™ Disposable Colored Spatulas are autoclavable and come in several colors. They are designed to fit with standard 15 and 1.5mL tubes. X100 Spatulass 210 x 7mm Opaque Sterile

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable HDPE Powder Lances

Ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Powder Lance is quick and easy to use. X20 POWDER LANCE 500 MM STERILE

Brand™ HDPE Scoops

Scoop powdered and granular material with ease. BRAND™ HDPE Scoops provide sturdy handling with durable polyethylene. X6 Scoop, PE, natural colouredlength 400mm, approx. 1000ml

BRAND™ Extension Rod

PTFE construction. Extends reach by 600mm. Extension rod for sampling dipperart.-no. 904 38 - 62, l. 600mm, PTFE

Bel-Art™ Sterileware™ Sterile Styrene Sampler Spoons

Manufactured from polystyrene plastic. SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ Sterile Styrene Sampler Spoons are designed to gather small amounts of sample material. Spoon, sterileware sampling, 2.46ml 1/2 tsp, polystyrene, white