Electrodes and Accessories

Mettler Toledo™ KCl 3M Electrode Filling Solution

Equipped with a special cap to facilitate easy filling of electrodes. Mettler Toledo™ KCl 3M Electrode Filling Solution is an electrolyte solution that enables optimum performance of pH and ion-selective electrodes. This bridge electrolyte contains no silver ions than can contaminate samples. 25 ML KCL 3M SAT. AGCL ELECTROLYTE 25ML

WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 41 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions. ELECTRODE COMBINATION PH WITHBUILT IN TEMP SENSOR,gel electrolyte glass with DIN plug and 1m cable

Mettler Toledo™ Specialty Series pH Combination Electrodes: InLab™ Micro

Specialty electrodes designed for unique applications. ELECTRODE INLAB MICRO PH-COMBINATION CERAMICjunction glass 60mm length x 3mm dia 0 to 14pH, 0

Mettler Toledo™ Buffer Solutions: Standard pH

Storage and refill solutions for pH electrodes 250 ML NIST/DIN 19266 BUFFER, PH10.012 250ML

WTW™ SenTix™ 61 pH Electrode

Standard electrodes with gel and precision electrodes with liquid gel electrolyte for pH measurements in lab applications and in the field. PH ELECTRODE SENTIX 61 DIN PLUG

Fisherbrand™ Micro Volume Glass Body pH Electrode

This combination pH electrode, with a BNC connector, is ideal for use with almost all pH meters. pH electrode Fisherbrand micro volume glass body1m cable with BNC 6mm x 115mm

Fisherbrand™ Electrode Holder

Handles multiple pH and conductivity readings quickly with reduced electrode breakage. Fisherbrand Electrode Holder accepts all brands of standard electrodes; extends 21 in. and pivots 360°; designed for smooth movement and effortless operation. ELECTRODE HOLDER

WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cell

Use these conductivity cells for precise and reliable measurements in any conditions. WTW™ TetraCon™ 325 Standard Conductivity Cells feature 4 electrode technology makes them insensitive to pollution, uninfluenced by polarization effects. PROBE CONDUCTIVITY 4 ELECTRODE EPOXY WITH IP68plug & 1.5m cable 120mm lengh 1 uS/cm to 2S/cm,

Mettler Toledo™ InLab™ pH Combination Electrodes

For measuring pH in small vessels. PH ELECTRODE INLAB MICRO PRO ISMwith NTC temperature probe with multipin connector

Mettler Toledo™ Specialty Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes: InLab™ Semi-Micro-L

Speciality electrodes designed for unique applications. ELECTRODE INLAB SEMI-MICRO-L PH-COMBINATION CERAMIc junction glass 230mm length x 6mm dia 0 to

Mettler Toledo™ Pepsin-HCl Cleaning Solution

Removes protein contamination from the diaphragm of pH electrodes. Mettler Toledo™ Pepsin-HCl Cleaning Solution helps maintain electrode performance and should be utilized after measurements and prior to recalibration. Treatment time is about 1 hour. 250 ML PEPSIN-HCL CLEANER 250ML

accumet accumet™ AE series single junction gel pH electrode

Fisher Scientific™ accumet™ AE series pH electrodes support the accumet™ AE150 pH meter for routine pH measurements a budget-friendly price Single Junction gel pH electrode 

Mettler Toledo™ InLab™ Sensor Cables: MultiPin™ Connection

Electrode cables to connect Mettler Toledo InLab sensors to any Mettler Toledo meter. InLab cable MultiPin-BNC/RCA 5m

Knick Elektronische™ Plastic Noryl pH Electrode

With its plastic body and fiber junction, this sensor is very robust, which makes it ideal for environmental measurements and production-related quality control. Knick standard sensor measures in media containing suspended solids or a high concentration of ions. Epoxy PH/ATC Electrode

Mettler Toledo™ Membrane Kit

Used as an accessory part for the InPro O2 sensor family.   Mettler Toledo™ Membrane Kit for the the InPro O2 sensor enables reliable inline measurement of dissolved oxygen in a wide spectrum of processes that operate under sterile/hygienic conditions.  O2 Membrane Kit T-96 3.1Processs Analytics Line

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 9810BN Micro pH Electrode

Measure pH as low as 0.5μL samples in gels or micro containers with this small-tipped glass combination electrode for pH measurements in micro volume samples. GLASS MICRO-PH COMB ELEC/12 CM

Mettler Toledo™ uPlace™ Electrode Holder for SevenCompact™ Meters

For use with SevenCompact S220 pH/Ion Meter and S230 Conductivity Meter. ELECTRODE HOLDER UPLACE

Consort Electrode Storage Bottle

Consort Electrode Storage Bottle holds up to 8mL of reference electrolyte solution for proper, secure storage of electrodes. STORAGE BOTTLE FOR ELECTRODES

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Fluoride Electrodes

Quickly, simply, accurately and economically measure free fluoride ions in aqueous solutions with the combination Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Fluoride Electrodes. FLUORIDE SPECIFIC ELECTRODE BNC

WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrode

Use these pH electrodes for portable measurement and routine measurement in the lab. WTW™ SenTix™ 81 pH Electrodes are ideal for applications where reliable measured values are needed under adverse conditions. PH ELECTRODE SENTIX 81 1M CABLE

Mettler Toledo™ pH Buffer Sachets

BUFFER SOL PH=401/7/10 25°C 20ML

Mettler Toledo™ InLab™ Pure Pro ISM pH Sensor

Ideal for measurements in pure and ultrapure water. Mettler Toledo InLab Pure Pro ISM pH Sensor are for use with SevenCompact™ and SevenExellence™ meters. PH ELECTRODE INLAB PURE PRO ISMinterchangable bridge electrolyte, NTC 30K tempera

Hanna Instruments™ Electrode Storage Solution

For use in storage of pH and ORP electrodes. Hanna Instruments™ Electrode Storage Solution is prepared with reagent grade chemicals that can be used to ensure optimum performance of pH and ORP electrodes. 230 ML ELECTRODE STORAGE SOLUTION230ML

Mettler Toledo™ Routine Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes

Designed for accurate measurement in a wide range of sample types. With EQUITHAL™ technology, Mettler Toledo Routine Series pH and pH/ATC Combination Electrodes guarantees shortest response times despite large changes in temperature. ELECTRODE INLAB ROUTINE PT1000 PH-COMBINATIONceramic junction glass 120mm length x 12mm dia 0

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ISE Filling Solutions

Enhance the performance and extend the life of your ion selective electrodes. X5 OPTIMUM RESULTS C 60ML

Mettler Toledo™ T-96 Membrane Body for InPro™ O2 Sensors

Designed to protect against the aggressive influences of CIP and SIP cleaning cycles. Mettler Toledo™ T-96 Membrane Body for InPro™ O2 Sensors is constructed of PTFE-coated stainless steel. It is used with the InPro 6800 and 6050 models for use in the beverage industry and water treatment. O2 Membrane Body T-96 16 Pcs 52206114Process Analytics Line

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Star A Series Benchtop Meter-Attached Electrode Stand

Use the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ Star A Series Benchtop Meter-Attached Electrode Stand to easily place sensors in samples, simplify rinsing and storage and minimize breakage BENCHTOP ELECTRODE ARM ORION(R)for Orion Star(R) A-series meters

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ PerpHecT™ ROSS™ Combination pH Micro Electrode

Measure micro volume samples with this refillable, glass double junction electrode. PH ELECTRODE ORION MICRO PERPHECT ROSS combination glass body ROSS internal refere

WTW™ SenTix™ 60 pH Electrode


WTW™ KCL Electrolyte Solutions

These KCL solutions are ideal for the operation, cleaning, and storage of electrodes. 250ML KCL 3M SOLUTION