Test Tubes

Falcon™ Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes

Constructed of optically clear polystyrene for easy viewing of sample. Corning™ Falcon™ Round-Bottom Polystyrene Tubes are widely used and referenced in laboratory protocols. X1000 Round Bottom Test Tube, PS, 14ml, No Cap, No

Falcon™ Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes

Manufactured from polypropylene for excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Corning™ Falcon™Round-Bottom Polypropylene Tubes are tested to withstand 3000 x g centrifugation. X500 Round Bottom Test Tube, PP, 14ml, Snap Cap, S

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Medium Wall Rimless Test Tube

Manufactured from borosilicate glass with a medium wall design. Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Medium Wall Rimless Test Tubes are ideal for chemical and biological work. X100 Tube boro3.3 12x75x1mm rimless Fisherbrand

Duran™ AR Glass Disposable Culture Tubes

Disposable culture tubes for general purpose. DURAN™ AR Glass Disposable Culture Tubes are used in the laboratory setting. X500 Disposable Culture tube, soda-lime-glass, 12,25 x 75 mm, wall thickness: 0,80 mm

Fisherbrand™ Reusable Glass Tubes with Phenolic Screw Caps

Phenolic screw cap with white rubber liner x250 CULT TUBE SC CAP 16X125MM M/CS

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes, Disposable

Thick-walled for particularly good mechanical resistance. X100 Tube boro5.1 16x160x0,6mm rimmed Fisherbrand

Fisherbrand™ 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes

Use round-bottom Fisherbrand™ 3.3 Borosilicate Glass Test Tubes for laboratory needs when heat resistance is critical. These disposable test tubes are thick-walled and autoclavable. X100 BORO TUBE 20X180MM EP1,1-1,2

Brand™ Polystyrene Cylindrical Test Tubes

Manufactured from transparent. BRAND™ Polystyrene Cylindrical Test Tubes have an RCF max of 3000. X2000 Sample tube, PS16 x 100mm, transparent

Greiner Bio-One Round Bottom Polypropylene Test Tubes with Screw Cap

Polypropylene displays high thermal, mechanical and chemical stability. PP-Röhrchen, steril, 12 ml,16.8 x 100mm einzelnverpackt (VE=900Stck.)

Kartell™ Polystyrene Disposable Test Tubes

Manufactured with polystyrene for superb clarity. Kartell™ Polystyrene Disposable Test Tubes are economical and durable. X1000 cylindrical disposable test tube PS 16x150mm (RCF xg 1000)

Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Reusable Test Tubes

Use Fisherbrand™ Borosilicate Glass 3.3 Reusable Test Tubes in the laboratory. They are available in various metric diameters and are DIN 12395 certified. X1000 KIMAX 12ML 16X100 COL15-415

Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Durham Test Tubes

Detects the production of gas by microorganisms. Fisherbrand™ soda lime glass durham test tubes allow visualization of trapped air bubbles. X300 Test tube Fisherbrand light wall Durham

Fisherbrand™ Sterile Plastic Culture Tubes: Translucent Polypropylene

Ideal for tissue culture procedures X500 Cultube PP, 14ml, 17x95mm, w/cap, sterile, boxed/25

Greiner Bio-One Round Bottom Polypropylene Culture Tubes with Vented Snap Cap

With high thermal, mechanical and chemical stability. 184201 REAGENZRÖHRCHEN 12 ML, 17 X 77 MM (2000STÜCK)

Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Rimless Test Tube

Store test reagents and material. Fisherbrand™ soda lime glass rimless test tubes come in different sizes to meet your needs. X100 Test tube Fisherbrand medium wall rimless

Gosselin™ Flat Base Polypropylene Test Tubes

Excellent for use in clinical, dairy, environmental, industrial and microbiology settings. Gosselin™ Flat Base Polypropylene Test Tubes are manufactured from clear, natural polypropylene. X2000 Flat base tube 7ML, PP natural H54 Ø16.6

Applied Biosystems™ BeadRetriever™ Tubes & Tips

BeadRetriever™ Tubes & Tips 240 TEST TUBES AND TIPS DYNAL BEADRETRIEVER (240TEsts) RRR- pack at ambient store at room temperatur

Karl Hecht™ Test Tubes with Screw Cap

Manufactured from clear soda glass. Reagenzgläser mit Schraubkappe, sterilisierbar,160x16 mm (VE=100St.)

Fisherbrand™ Disoposable Borosilicate Glass Tubes

Fisherbrand™ Disoposable Borosilicate Glass Tubes are suitable for a variety of applications and cell washing procedures. Fisherbrand® Kulturröhrchen 16x100 mm,Borosilikatglas, VE=250 Stück

Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Culture Tube

Use the Fisherbrand™ Soda Lime Glass Culture Tube to view cell cultures in the laboratory. This disposable soda lime glass rim top tube is plain (unlabeled) and features a sturdy, uniform bottom. X200 SODO TUBE 8X40MM EP0,6-0,7

Fisherbrand™ 5.1 Borosilicate Glass Disposable Test Tubes

Measure, mix and pour using Fisherbrand™ 5.1 Borosilicate Glass Disposable Test Tubes. Tubes are rimmed and are available in various lengths. X50 Tube boro5.1 25x200x0,7mm rimmed Fisherbrand

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Plastic Round Base Tubes

Avoid the hazards of glass with this safe, convenient alternative. Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Plastic Round Base Tubes are manufactured from virgin polystyrene.
X10000 test tube PS 1ml round base 6x50mm subpackof 1000

Fisherbrand™ Disposable Borosilicate Glass Tubes with Polypropylene Screw Cap

Provides chemical stability and biological inertness of hard, borosilicate glass at price of disposable tubes X500 Tube, thread PP lock 20X125MM

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ Plain Disposable Borosilicate Glass Tubes

Use these glass tubes for a variety of applications and cell washing procedures. Kimble™ KIMAX™ Disposable Glass Tubes are made from 51 expansion borosilicate glass, which offers excellent chemical resistance against sodium leaching, a factor common in soda lime glass products. X1000 TUBE BOROSILICATE 16X150MM

Simport™ Cultube™ Sterile Culture Tubes, Polystyrene

For users who prefer a more compact package with tubes oriented horizontally. X500 Cultube PS, 5ml, 12x75mm, w/cap, sterile, boxed/25

Beckman Coulter™ Ultra-Clear Centrifuge Tubes

For use in centrifuge rotors. Beckman Coulter™ Ultra-Clear Centrifuge Tubes are open top, thin-wall tubes that are made of a completely transparent material for easy location of visible banded or pelleted samples. Available in multiple sizes. Tube, Thinwall, Ultra-Clear , 5 mL, 13 x 51 mm(qty. 50)

Gosselin™ 5mL Round-Base Test Tubes

Manufactured from polystyrene or polypropylene. Gosselin™ 5mL Round-Base Test Tubes have a round shape. X4000 Round base tube 5ML, PS natural H74.5 Ø12.8500/bag

Greiner Bio-One™ Culture Tubes with Two-Position Vent Stoppers

Manufactured from polypropylene for excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. Greiner Bio-One™ Culture Tubes with Two-Position Vent Stoppers are ideal for storage of chemical and biological samples. two-position top allows ventilation and secure fit. X2000 TUBE 5ML VENTED PP ST

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ 13.5mL Centrifuge Tubes

Sterilin 13.5mL Centrifuge Tubes are offered in a wide range styles for various applications. X450 centrifuge tube 13,5ml PS aseptical round base white cap

DWK Life Sciences Kimble™ KIMAX™ Reusable Tubes with Rubber-Lined Screw Cap

Black phenolic cap with inert rubber liner X144 CULTURE TUBE 25X200 SCREW CA