Safety Cabinets

Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ KS, Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Carry out a variety of applications with Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ KS Class II Biological Safety cabinets, which feature an advanced design for easy operation. Sicherheitswerkbank KS18, Klasse 2, inkl. 2Steckdosen links/rechts, seg. Arbeitspl.

Thermo Scientific™ MSC-Advantage™ Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Conserve energy with these cabinets, which combine smart design and extraordinary value with best-in-class energy efficiency, reliability and usability. MSC ADVANTAGE 1.5 EN

Thermo Scientific™ Safe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Protect samples in research labs, pharmaceutical quality control labs, pharmacies, and clinics with Safe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. Safe 2020 1.2 width 1300, internal width 1200weight 240kg, 230V, 50Hz

Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ KSP Class II Biological Safety Cabinet

Exhaust air 100,000 times more effectively than conventional two-filter systems with these biological safety cabinets. KSP9 WIDTH 1000, INTERNAL WIDTH

Thermo Scientific™ Maxisafe 2020 Class II Biological Safety Cabinets

Combine robust construction and excellent ergonomic design with significantly more effective air filtration than regular class II biological safety cabinets. MSC 3 FILTERS 150CM MAXISAFE 2020segmentiertem HEPA - Hauptfilter, 1,5m

Thermo Scientific™ UV-C

UV-C Strahler in den Seitenwänden

Thermo Scientific™ Herasafe™ KS Options and Accessories

Worksurfaces, exhaust transitions and baskets KAMW30 VIBRATION DAMPED WORK SURF

Erlab™ H14 HEPA Filter

Erlab™ H14 HEPA Filter can be use with a range of filtrating fume hoods and storage cabinets. FILTER GF4/HP

Asecos™ S-CLASSIC-90 One-Door Yellow Safety Storage Cabinets

Safety storage cabinets for unrestricted storage of flammable hazardous materials in work areas in accordance with EN 14470-1 and TRGS 510. Asecos S-Classic 90 Safety cabinet wing-door

Justrite™ Polyethylene Corrosives/Acid Cabinet

Sturdy, completely metal-free poly cabinet for storing acids or bases without the worry of corrosion Polyethylene Non Metallic under counter cabinet 2doors 2 adjustable shelves 35" x 36" x 25"

ASECOS™ SL.060.059.UB Model Underbench Cabinet for Acids and Alkalis

Made of highly resistant melamine coated special plates, with integrated venting system cabinet for acids / alkalis with interior

Asecos™ K-Phoenix-90 Combi Safety Storage Cabinet

For unrestricted storage of flammable and aggressive materials in work areas. Combi-Safetycabinet with interior

Asecos™ SL-Classic Underbench Cabinets for Acids and Alkalis

Safe and approved storage of aggressive, non-flammable hazardous materials in working areas. cabinet for acids / alkalis with interior

Justrite™ Flammables Undercounter Storage Cabinet

Helps to keep work area safely organized SAFETY CABINET 270L MANUAL

Asecos™ CS-CLASSIC Two-Door Yellow Safety Storage Cabinet

For the safe and proper storage of non-flammable chemicals and toxic substances in working areas. Cabinet for chemicals CS-CLASSIC model CS.195.105body colour anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

Justrite™ Solid Polyethylene Acid Cabinets: One-Door Countertop Model

Superior protection against harsh acids, rust and corrosion SAFETY CABINET SOLID POLYETHYLENE, COUNTERTOP,for corrosives, one door, welded bottom sump,

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Filters for PCR Workstation

HEPA filters and prefilters for PCR workstations Prefilter for 60cm PCR cabinet Fisherbrand

ASECOS™ Type 90 Safety Cabinets


ASECOS™ Safety Storage Cabinet for Acids and Alkalis

cabinet for acids / alkalis with interior

Asecos™ CS-CLASSIC-G Two-Door Four-Window Safety Chemical Storage Cabinets, Light Gray

For the safe and proper storage of non-flammable chemicals and toxic substances in working areas. CS Classic safety storage cabinet

Asecos™ SL-Classic Safety Storage Cabinets

For unrestricted storage of aggressive and non-flammable hazardous materials in work areas. Cabinet for acids and alkalisunderbench cabinet with 2 wing doorsmodel SL-LINE 1200 x 605 x 1970

Justrite™ Safety Cabinet Compact


Justrite™ Chemcor™ Slimline Corrosives/Acid Safety Cabinet

Justrite Chemcor™ Slimline Corrosives/Acid Safety Cabinet offers corrosion and fire protection. CABINET CHEMCOR 285 L AUTOMATIC

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ Manual Safety Cabinet

Stores flammables safely even when available space is at a minimum SAFETY CABINET 180L MANUAL

Justrite™ Sure-Grip™ EX Flammable Safety Cabinet

When using a Sure-Grip EX Flammable Safety Cabinets, these two-door and bifold door cabinets protect workers, reduce fire risks, and improve productivity by allowing storage of flammable fuels and chemicals in code-compliant, sturdy 18-gauge steel structures. SAFETY CABINET 570L AUTOMATIC

Koettermann™ Exploris™ Tall Chemical Storage Cabinet

Storage of non-combustible, non-corrosive harmful substances. Chemical cabinet, w1200, h1920, d516, 2 doors, 4 shelves with fan (D) ,lockable

Koettermann™ Standard Chemical Cabinet, 1200x720x516mm

Koettermann™ Standard Chemical Cabinet, 1200x720x516mm provides suitable storage to accommodate a variety of laboratory needs, but is especially suited for storing chemicals. Chemical cabinet, w1200, h720, d516, 2 doors, 1 shelf, lockable

Asecos™ UB-S-90 Safety Storage Underbench Cabinet

For unrestricted storage of flammable and aggressive materials in work areas. Safety storage underbench cabinet UB-S-90 model UB90.060.089.S in light grey (RAL 7035)

Justrite™ Safety cabinet small container storage, wall mounted, steel yellow 64L

Safety cabinet small container storage, wallmounted, steel yellow 64L