Lovibond™ MD600 Handheld Water Quality Colorimeter

Rugged, waterproof multi-parameter colorimeters for laboratory and field testing EXCHANGE Basic Xplorer 8-Kanal, var 50 1200 µl

Thermo Scientific™ Orion ™AQ3700 AQUAfast™-Photometer

Das Thermo Scientific™ Orion AQ3700 AQUAfast- Photometer bietet ein breites Sortiment an vorprogrammierten Methoden für alle Ihre Testanforderungen. Orion AQ3700 Aquafast colorimeter

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQUAfast™ COD165 Thermoreaktor

Mit diesem Thermoreaktor, der die anliegende Netzspannung und Netzfrequenz automatisch erkennt, lassen sich Umwelt- und Abwasserüberwachungen durchführen. COD165 THERMOREACTOR

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ AQ4000 Photometer und Zubehör

Das Thermo Scientific™ Orion AQUAfast AQ4000 Photometer hat bis zu 189 vorprogrammierte Methoden und kann bis zu 100 Messwerte mit Datum und Uhrzeit speichern. AQ4000 COLORIMETER

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ runde 24 mm-Fläschchen

Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ runde 24 mm-Fläschchen sind mit einer Vielzahl von Orion Kolorimetern und Spektralphotometern einsetzbar. X12 AQUAFAST II 24MM RPLACE VIALSVIALS

Lovibond™ Tintometer Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Color Upgrade Scale

Pt-Co/Hazen Colour Scale Upgrade für PFX-Serien880/990/995

Lovibond™ Comparator 705

Versatile and highly precise visual colorimetric water analysis system for rapid and accurate water analysis and color measurement TK 100 Lovibond® Comperator System 2000+

Lovibond™ Color Measurement Test Kits


Fisherbrand™ Bulb for Diascopic Light

Bulb Fisherbrand 12V 10W for diascopic light

Lovibond™ FAC Scale Comparator 3000

Visual grading of FAC color scales FAC FARBSKALA-COMPARATOR

Lovibond™ AF330 EBC Model Color Scale Kit


Fisherbrand™ Flexible-Arm™ Replacement Light Bulb

Replacement part for Flexible-Arm™ light HALOGEN BULB FOR MODELS 3095 AND 3096

Lovibond™ BS 684 Model F Colorimeter

Lovibond Tintometer F (Bs684)

Fisherbrand™ Bulb Reflector

Bulb Fisherbrand reflector 12V10W for episcopic

Lovibond™ PFXi-195/8 Colorimeter: Waters and Waste Waters

Accurate, efficient automatic colorimeter for objective color measurement of transparent liquids SPECTRO PFXI-195/8 L*A*B

Fisherbrand™ Digitales Kolorimeter

Measure the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution Fisherbrand™ Digital Colorimeter with 240V transformer and filters. COLORIMETER DIGITAL WITH 240V TRANSFORMER WITHfilters 440 -680nm 240V 180mm x 150mm x 60mm

Lovibond™ Petroleum Oils 3000 Comparator

For visually determining the ASTM D1500 Oils Comparator color of samples ISO 2049 FARBSKLALA-COMPARATOR2049

Biochrom AG™ Zelldichtemessgeräte


Biochrom AG™ Educational Colorimeters


Lovibond™ Gardner Scale Comparator 3000

Visual grading of Gardner color scales GARDNER FARBSKALA-COMPARATOR

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Bench Colorimeter

Provides wide wavelength range from 400 to 710nm with easy to use and conventional style controls. Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Bench Colorimeter is a general purpose digital colorimeter with built-in gelatin filters and analogue output, ideal for ideal for routine and educational use. Colorimeter 6051 general purpose model with 8

Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Tungsten Filament Lamp Assembly


Bibby Scientific™ Jenway™ Deuterium Lamp

Deuterium Lamp for Model 6800 Spectrophotometer

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Klett™ Clinical Colorimeter Test Tubes

Calibrated or uncalibrated Klett, 802 test tube, calibrated. Pack of 12.

Bibby Scientific™ Deuterium Lamp

Deuterium Lamp for spectrophotometer model 6850

Fisherbrand™ Digitales Kolorimeter

Measure the absorbance of particular wavelengths of light by a specific solution Fisherbrand™ Digital Colorimeter with 240V transformer and filters. FILTER COLORIMETER STD 440/680 NM

GE Healthcare Deuterium Lamp Assembly for Ultrospec 3300 / 4300 pro PTR Spectrophotometer

Spare part for Ultrospec 3300 / 4300 pro PTR spectrophotometer DEUTERIUM LAMP ASSEMBLY