Drucker und Zubehör für Sterilisatoren und Autoklaven

Advantage-Lab™ Built-in Printer

Document the performed cycle with this built-in printer for all automatic autoclaves. Advantage-Lab™ Built-in Printer also includes a comprehensive LCD display. Built-in Printer for all automatic autoclavesAL02-01/AL02-02/AL02-05/AL02-06

HMC Europe HMC Vertical Autoclave Printers

Intergrated Batch printers for direct recording of sterilization data, temperature and time Einbaudrucker, integrierter Drucker für HV-Gerätezur Chargendokumentation

Astell Scientific™ Condensate Bottle, AMA440

Heat-resistant condensate bottle for AMA440 Classic model autoclave. Astell Scientific™ Condensate Bottle, AMA440 collects autoclave condensate via a silicone tube. Condensate Bottle, 4 litres capacity

Astell Scientific™ External Heating Jackets


Astell Scientific™ Ethernet Interface

Export or print sterilization reports via this integrated ethernet port. Astell Scientific™ Ethernet Interface can also be used for remote monitoring, remote maintenance, and software updates. ETHERNET INTERFACE AAR122

Astell Scientific™ Load Sensed Process Timing

Ideal autoclave option for fluid loads where a precise sterilization temperature is likely to be critical. Astell Scientific™ Load Sensed Process Timing is also good for waste loads, because it ensures temperature uniformity throughout the load. PROCESS TIMING ASTELL LOAD SENSED