Wasch- und Trockengeräte für Glasartikel – Zubehör

Miele Professional™ Miele Process Documentation

APH 330 Adapter gender changer APH 330 - Adapter Gender Changer für Hawo-Siegelge


Designed for use with Smeg™ glassware washing devices. Smeg Washer Supports for Flasks are recommended for flasks with a capacity smaller than 500mL. KORB ERLEN + BECHER 500ML

Miele™ A101 Oberkorb/Lafette

Suitable lower basket for PG 8583/PG8593 laboratory washers. Miele™ A101 Upper Basket/Open Front for Modules has an open front and built-in spray arm A101 Oberkorb/Lafette

Miele™ A 301 Modul/Laborglas 3 x 6

A 301/1 Modul/Laborglas 3 x 6

Miele™ A 303 Modul für Pipetten

A 303 module for pipettes

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 363 for the optimum loading of GYN and ENT instruments Einsatz 1/6 Siebschale E363 Nr. 69536301

Miele™ A 151 Unterkorb/Lafette

A 151 Unterkorb/Lafette

Miele™ AK 12 Insert 1/2

AK 12 Einsatz 1/2, Korbausführung 67 + 60 x 225 x442 mm (HxBxT)

Miele™ Injektorwagen 1/1

E 414 TA Injektorwagen, 1/1 mit 37 Düsen(sortiert) f. Enghals-Laborglas, etc.

Miele™ Half Insert

Flask/beaker insert half segment 230mm (w) x

Miele Professional™ Miele Process Documentation

APS 200 Segosoft Miele Edition USB solution for seamless and legally watertight documentation via USB stick APS 200 Sego - Segosoft Miele Edition, USB-Lösung

Smeg™ Universal Basket

Used with standard baskets CS1-1 and CS2 . Smeg Instruments Universal Basket is used with trolley LM20. UNIVERSALKORB FUER 30 EINHEITENEINHEITEN

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert A 11/1 for the gentle cleaning of delicate items by interrupting the spray jet A11/1 Unterlegrahmen, 429 x 429mm

Miele Professional™ E 362 Blindschraube zum Verschließen von Verschraubungen der Injektorwagen, M 8x1

Blind stopper E 362 for the sealing of fittings to load carriers E 362 Blindschraube zum Verschließen vonVerschraubungen der Injektorwagen, M 8x1

Miele™ A150 Unterkorb/Module

Suitable lower basket for PG 8583/PG8593 laboratory washers. Miele™ A150 Lower Basket for Modules has automatically self-sealing docking valves. A150 Unterkorb/Module

Miele™ Microfine Filter

03146395 Mikrofeinfilter für Miele SpülmaschineProfessional G7883CD

Miele Professional™ Miele Process Documentation

APH 591 Paper roll for PRT 100 report printer. APH 591 - Papierrollen für PRT 100, 5 Stück, Breit

Miele™ A300 Modul/Laborglas 2 x 4

Suitable injector module for use with laboratory washer baskets A 100 and A 150. Miele™ A300 Injector Module for Laboratory Glassware, 2 x 4 has two rows of four injectors. A300 Modul/Laborglas 2 x 4

Miele™ E470 Injektordüse, 2,5 x 90mm

E470 Injektordüse, 2,5 x 90mm

Miele Professional™ Dosiergeraet DOS K 60/1 Modul

Dispenser module DOS K 60 for 5-10 litre canisters with level indicator for the automatic dispensing of liquid cleaning agents (G 7831) Dosiergeraet DOS K 60/1 Modul

Miele Professional™ Upper basket for laboratory glass washer

Upper basket O 800/1 for the optimum loading of different inserts O800/1 Lafette/leer, Bestückh. 200mm

Miele™ A 100 Oberkorb/Module

Suitable lower basket for PG 8583/PG8593 laboratory washers. Miele™ A100 Upper Basket for Modules has automatically self-sealing docking valves. A 100 Oberkorb/Module

Miele Professional™ Accessory large washer-disinfector

Plinth SBW/1 27/28 including drip tray without openings for connecting services to PG 8527/28 SBW/1 27/28 ohne Durchbrüche für PG 8528

Miele Professional™ Remote service module

Remote service module RSA1010 analog for laboratory washer Fernservice-Modul RSA1010 analog

Miele™ Einsatz 1/4

E 149 1/4-Einsatz, Container für ca. 80 Reagenzgl.16 x 105mm, 80 Fächer, Deckel

Miele Professional™ Dosing system

Dosing module DOS C 60 for liquid detergent DOS C 60 Modul Dosiergerät für fl. Reiniger

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Module E 745/1 for the optimum loading of up to 104 pipettes E 745/1 Modul Injektor für Pipetten

Miele™ Einsatz

Insert 460mm (w) x 445mm (d) x 120mm (h) for up

Miele Professional™ Mobile unit

Mobile unit E 940 for the optimum loading of narrow necked glassware on 2 levels E940 Wagen Injektor TA 115 Düsen/Arretierunge

Miele Professional™ Mobile injector

Module E 943/2 for the optimum loading of narrow necked glassware 100 - 500 ml (PG 8527) E943/2 Modul für Enghalsglas