Blutentnahmegefäße (luftleer)

BD Kapillar-Blutentnahmegefäß mit Microgard Verschluss aus Polypropylen

Used for the collection, transport and processing of skin puncture blood from infants, children, geriatric patients and critical care patients.  BD Biosciences™ Microtainer™ Capillary Blood Collection Tube with Dipotassium EDTA, Beadless additive BD Microgard™ closure. BD Microtainer EDTA-Röhrchen VE=200 Stück

BD™ Vacutainer Tube

Vacutainer 13x75mm FH20mg/5ml, VE=100 St.

BD Blutentnahme-Set

Use for blood collection.  BD Vacutainer™ Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set (50 sets) comes with safety re-shielding cover and Luer adapter. X200 BLUTSAMMLER, STERILES, GESCHLOSSENES SYSTEMZUR BLUTENTNAHME AUS SCHWIERIGEN VENEN

Greiner Bio One™ VacuetteTube

454034 Vacuette EDTA-K3 1ml (VE=100 PCS)1ML

Greiner Bio One™ Hämolyse-Röhrchen aus PP (Polypropylen)

Manufactured from polypropylene for excellent thermal, chemical and mechanical stability. Greiner Bio-One™ Round Bottom Polypropylene Tubes are ideally suited for the storage of chemical and biological samples. PP-Röhrchen, natur, 12 ml,16,0 x 100 mm(VE=1600Stck.)

Greiner Bio-One Serum Tubes: Clot Activator with Gel Separator

For routine clinical chemistry, immunohematology, serology or immunology testing X1200 Blood tube Vacuette Gel non ridged pack of

Greiner Bio-One Coagulation Tubes with Sodium Citrate Solution

For routine hemostasis testing X1200 Blood tube Vacuette 3.2% buffered citrate

BD Vacutainer Advance Tube

SSTII Serumroehrchen mit Trenngel VE=100 St.

Greiner Bio-One Serum Clot Activator Tubes

For routine clinical chemistry, immunohematology, serology or immunology testing VACUETTE 9ML SERUM MIT GELGEL

Greiner Bio-One Plasma Tubes with Lithium Heparin and Gel

For determinations in clinical chemistry and immunochemistry Vacuette overvallend (LH)+gel 8ml st. >POA

BD Vacutainer™ Kunststoff-Blutröhrchen für Molekulardiagnostik

X100 Blood RNA System Becton Dickinson PAXgenetubes, minimises the instability of intracellular

Greiner Bio-One Plasma Tubes with Heparin

With lithium or sodium heparin additive X50 Vacuette Natrium Heparin

BD Vacutainer™ Advance Tubes


BD Vacutainer™ K2EDTA Tubes

K2-EDTA-Röhrchen 2 ml, (VE=100 Stück)

Greiner Bio-One Hematology K3 EDTA Evacuated Tubes

455036 K3E EDTA-Vakuumröhrchen (VE=100 PCS)9ML

Felser Gerda™ Suction Pipe with Lateral Olive

Saugrohr 180x18mm, mit seitlicher Olive

BD Vacutainer™ K2-EDTA-Röhrchen aus Kunststoff mit Hemogard-Verschluss

Used to obtain a whole blood or EDTA plasma sample.   Vacutainer™ Hemogard Closure Plastic K2-Edta Tube contains K2EDTA which is a liquid solution that is spray coated onto the interior surface of the BD Vacutainer Plus Tubes. BD Vacutainer® Plus plastic whole blood tube. 16x 100 mm x 10.0 mL (VE=1000 St.)

BD Vacutainer Serum Tube

BD Vacutainer Serumkanülen 5ml VE=100 Stück

Terumo™ PET Gel and K2 - ETDA Separate Tubes


Terumo™ PET Thrombin Tube


Greiner Bio-One™ Vacuette Low Draw Volume Tube

X1200 Vacuette EDTA K2E, 2.0 ml

Greiner Bio-One Hematology K2 EDTA Evacuated Tubes

For routine immunohematology testing x1200 Vacuette EDTA K2 EDTA 13x75mm